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SOMO’s New FOMO Cheesesteak Free on National Sandwich Day

SOMO's FOMO Cheesesteak

The Philadelphia region contains legions of cheesesteak lovers who will argue, debate and travel significant distances to satisfy their cravings for the ultimate combination of seared beef tucked inside a crusty roll with creamy cheese and caramelized onions (and other accouterments).

With this in mind, SOMO in Manayunk’s Consulting Chef Eric Hall has created the FOMO Cheesesteak — bite-sized chunks of tender filet mignon tips, a drizzle of triple cream Brie, caramelized onion jam, oyster mushrooms braised in black truffle butter and baby arugula adorned with homemade malt vinegar and molasses steak sauce, served on a crunchy butter-toasted Baker Street Bakery baguette.

The name is a nod to the popular millennial acronym – except when diners bite into this mouthwatering, rather hefty sandwich — they won’t be missing a thing! “You may need to grab some extra napkins to catch the rich, juicy goodness dripping from the sandwich, but it’s worth getting messy, and it’s a serious value at $15,” quipped Chef Hall.

“Our steak sauce is that ‘sumpin-sumpin’ which ties all the flavors together,” explained Hall. “It cuts through the richness of the cheese so that the flavor of the filet mignon comes through, and seriously delights the senses.”

SOMO’s new FOMO Cheesesteak is served with hand-cut fries, and the price drops to $10 during SOMO’s Happy Hour (6 to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 to 11 p.m. Monday-Sunday). “Cheesesteak lovers get an incredible, premium version of a Philly favorite turned up a notch with every bite; a killer taste without killing your budget,” added Hall.

According to Urban Dictionary, FOMO is an omnipresent and compulsive state of anxiety brought on by the emotional strain of missing out on a satisfying event, often aroused by social media posts. Designer-turned-restauranteur James Morrissey thought it was an appropriate moniker for the menu item in our fast-paced digital times. “While it may have a hipster name, there’s nothing trendy about this masterpiece,” he said. “It’s a badass cheesesteak – one that you’re not going to find anywhere else.”

And rest assured, have no “fear of missing out,” as epicureans and cheesesteak fanatics alike can enjoy it for free from 11 to 3 p.m. on Friday, November 3rd in celebration of National Sandwich Day, while supplies last.

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