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Sullivan’s Steakhouse Raises the “Steaks”

Sullivan's Steakhouse Bone-in Ribeye

Bone-In Ribeye Cowboy Cut [Credit: Sullivan’s Steakhouse]

Sullivan’s Steakhouse King of Prussia just unveiled an expansive new culinary menu. Guests can now enjoy an extensive menu of seven bone-in selections including a Bone-In Ribeye Cowboy Cut (pictured above), Wagyu Bone-In Strip and Long-Bone Berkshire Pork Chop.

Many chefs and culinary experts agree that the best way to cook meat is with the bone-in. As the marrow of the bone heats up, the juices of the bone seep into the meat and result in a juicer, smoother and more buttery flavor profile.

Sullivan's Steakhouse BLT Salad

Tableside BLT Salad [Credit: Sullivan’s Steakhouse]

Sullivan’s is also bringing back the lost art of tableside preparation with a new BLT Salad (pictured above) and Chocolate Meltdown, both assembled and served directly in front of guests.

Check it out and tell us your thoughts!

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