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Product Corner: ChocAmo Cookie Cups

Cookies are one of my all time favorite sweets. While I’m an equal opportunity cookie lover, a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie is enough to make me happy. In fact, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t obsessed with cookies. And seriously, who doesn’t love cookies?

Philadelphia-based food startup ChocAmo offers a modern twist on the classic cookie by turning them into mini cups that you can fill with anything your heart desires. These clever cookie treats were created by a former Drexel University student who pitched the concept for her Entrepreneurship Class. The inventive word ChocAmo comes from combination of  “chocolate” and “amor” (latin for love) – hence ChocoAmo being a love of chocolate and desserts. <3

I was happy to accept a sample of these unique products so I could tell you all about them. Talk about a sweet gig, eh?

Chocamo Cookie Cups

ChocAmo Cookie Cups are Baked in Philadelphia with LOVE!

I received a Rainbow Road cookie cup and a Mocha Dream cookie cup. Sadly, the Mocha Dream one broke in transit, so while it was not photogenic, it was still quite delicious and fun to eat. The branding and packaging is whimsical and eye-catching.

Chocamo Rainbow Road Cookie Cup

Rainbow Road Cookie Cup by ChocAmo

The Rainbow Road cookie cup is such a cutie! This blonde sugar cookie, generously coated with a layer of rich dark chocolate, and dipped with mini rainbow sprinkles would be perfect as a sweet treat for any party or celebration. They’d make a terrific edible gift for any foodie or sweets lover in your life, too.

Chocamo Rainbow Road Cookie Cup with ice cream

Chocamo Rainbow Road Cookie Cup with ice cream & extra spinkles!

I opted to put some vanilla frozen yogurt inside with some added sprinkles. It was a perfect sweet bite! OK, it was actually 3 bites, but who’s counting. 😉

They offer six other flavors:

  • Chocolate Chipster

  • Birthday Cake

  • Frosted

  • Midnight Diamond

  • Red Velvet

  • Velvet Seduction

These cookie cups would be great with milk, coffee, tea, fruit, or even booze like Bailey’s Irish Creme inside. In fact, find some recipe ideas here.

They recently branched out and have their own coffee blend, too!

You can order them online or find them at local stores like Whole Foods, Pinot Boutique, Toast Cafe, Scoop DeVille, and other locations in the Philadelphia area.

Support local! Learn more:

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