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Free Beer Tasting Fridays at Pennsport Beer Boutique & New Series!

Did you know that you can sample FREE BEER on Friday’s at Pennsport Beer Boutique?! Yep.

Every Friday, between 7:00-9:00, they feature a different brewery and offer free beer, free food, and even free beer swag. Oftentimes, they have a representative from the brewery on-hand to discuss the beers, too.

As a result of these tastings, I’m proud to announce I’m partnering with the owners of Pennsport Beer Boutique and two of my very close friends on a new feature/series called “Two Johns & a Beer!”

The two “Johns” are John Stanley, host of John’s Dollar Bin on WXPN and “beertender” at PBB, and Johnny Quest, a beer connoisseur if there ever was one! More about them soon, but take a look at a video that Pennsport Beer Boutique owner Heather Cox shot last week with Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale out of Lexington, KY.


Quest goes on to say, “This is their signature beer, an enhanced Irish Red ale infused with bourbon, tapping out at a modest 8.2% ABV. Surprisingly drinkable, unlike many harsher bourbons, with a luscious amber hue and a hint of vanilla. Seek it out. Q”

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Stay tuned for another edition of “Two Johns & a Beer” tonight as PBB features Vault Brewing based in Yardley, PA. Go check it out – who knows maybe you’ll be on the next video!

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