Locally Sourced Products You Can Buy at New Riverwards Produce

Riverwards Produce Fishtown

Fishtown food market Riverwards Produce is now open at their new location, an old firehouse, at 2200 E Norris Street and the community is buzzing!

Here are some local products you can buy:

Baba’s Brew – Chester County-based kombucha.

Philly Bread Company – bread, muffins, bagels, and more made right here in the city.

Brine Street Picklery – pickles pickled right here in the city of Pickle-ly (?) Love.

Mycopolitan Mushrooms – trumpet, shitake, and pom pom mushrooms cultivated right here in the city!

PA Fiddlehead Ferns – foraged locally in PA!

You can also find Primal Supply Meats, Oasis Dairy, and Equal Exchange Coffee (not local, but worth mentioning nonetheless) to name a few more.

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