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A Look at Brunch at Harp & Crown

As we reported a couple weeks ago, Harp & Crown recently launched weekend brunch service. Everybody is buzzing about it. We had an opportunity to preview it on opening weekend so that we can share our experience of the formidable morning feast with you! Word to the wise: go hungry. Very hungry. You’re going to need all of the room in your stomach to spare! Starting at one end and going to the other, here we go…

Harp & Crown Brunch: Salad and Mini Sandwich Station

Salad and Mini Sandwich Station [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Caesar and orzo salads with mini sandwiches are among the savory offerings on the brunch spread. It never occurred to me that orzo salad could be a brunch item, but it sure can be. I normally wouldn’t eat a salad for brunch, but couldn’t help trying it. It was a good orzo salad. I didn’t try the Caesar salad because, honestly, I could get that virtually anywhere.

Harp & Crown Brunch: Mini Sandwiches

Mini Sandwiches [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

The mini sandwiches were very good. You can find three different sandwiches. My favorite was the capicola, butternut squash, cheddar and dijon sandwich served on hearty focaccia bread. Thinly-sliced butternut squash on bread? Consider me sold on that. Tuna with pickled green tomatoes and romesco aioli and grilled eggplant with goat cheese, spinach, and harissa sandwiches are also available. They’re 2-3 bites at most, but they are easy to fill up on so eat at your risk.

Harp & Crown Brunch Cheese Board

Selection of Fine Cheese [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Loved the selection of cheeses on the cheese board: Bucheron and Manchego are some of my favorite cheeses! Nicely displayed on slate with strawberry and blueberries accoutrements, it was a welcome gourmet touch for sure.

Harp & Crown Brunch Italian Meat Board

Italian Meat Board [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Gotta have fine cured sliced Italian meats with cheese. Parma prosciutto is essential! The Finocchiona salami was a good choice, too. Very popular as you can see.

Harp & Crown Brunch Smoked Salmon Station

Smoked Salmon Board [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Smoked Salmon is a must for any brunch. Classic with sliced tomatoes, cucumber salad, and capers. Yet another welcome gourmet aspect.

Harp & Crown Brunch Bagel Assortment

Bagel Assortment [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

A very nice assortment of bagels to go along with the smoked salmon, including the requisite cream cheese. Hello, carbs!

Harp & Crown Brunch Bread for Toast

Toast anyone? [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

If toasted bread is your thing, knock yourselves out. They even had two multi-slice toasters for you to DIY. I passed.

Harp & Crown Brunch Croissant

Croissants [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Like croissants? You’re in luck. They have 3 varieties… plain, ham & cheese, and chocolate. Definitely try the savory ham & cheese one, which I failed to get a picture of. D’oh. So very good!

Harp & Crown Brunch Chocolate Pot de Creme and Yogurt Parfait

Chocolate Pot de Creme and Yogurt Parfait [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Don’t even bother with the yogurt parfait, I mean, I’m sure it’s good, but hello Chocolate Pot de Creme? In fact, after I took this picture, walked away, and came back, they were gone! I had to wait for another batch. It was worth waiting for, though. Amazing. You simply must try it.

Harp & Crown Brunch Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

I like Zucchini Bread, but I didn’t try it. Looked great, though. Maybe next time. 😉

Harp & Crown Brunch Pastries

Strawberry Scones [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

There were various pastries like Strawberry Scones and Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake. Both were tasty! I totally forgot to snap a pic of the cake, though. Whoops! :/

Harp & Crown Brunch Citrus Doughnuts

Citrus Sugar Doughnuts [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

I know you’re going to think I’m bullshitting you, but hands down the best thing of the whole brunch were the Citrus Sugar Doughnuts. I could have eaten 10 of them if I hadn’t already eaten so many savory things before I started on the sweet stuff. They are probably some of the best donuts I’ve ever had, Federal Donuts notwithstanding. I told them to give their pastry chef, Karen Nicolas, a large raise and hold onto her for dear life. Honestly, she could probably open her own donut shop selling just these donuts and make a fortune. Just sayin’.

Harp & Crown Brunch Fruit Tray

Fresh Fruit [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Fruit for the health conscious I guess? It’s nice to them offer it, but please, you’re not getting out of here unless you consume 3,000+ calories. You can’t quite see it on the left there, but they had “brûléed grapefruit” – that’s nice, if you like grapefruit. 🙂

Harp & Crown Brunch Juice

Grapefruit and Orange Juice [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

There was orange or grapefruit juice to choose from. Not sure if it was fresh-squeezed, though.

Harp & Crown Brunch Omelet Station

Omelettes [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

If you’re still with me, BLESS YOU! We’re almost done. Let’s see what other savory stuff they had. Every brunch needs an Omelette Station, right? Your choice of topping such as ham, spinach, asparagus, red pepper, mushrooms, feta, and cheddar cheese. If you ask nicely, they’ll also make you scrambled eggs if you desire.

Harp & Crown Brunch Meats & Potatoes

Meat & Potatoes [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Breakfast meats such as bacon and sausage and chunky home-fried potatoes are available if you like. And, boy, did I like.

Harp & Crown Brunch Vegetable Quiche

Quiche me, I’m Irish? Sorry, I’m getting a little punchy now. But seriously, try this classic vegetable quiche. Take a look at the crust. Mmm #crustporn.

Harp & Crown Brunch Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart

Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

I almost feel bad posting this picture because it really doesn’t do the dish justice at all. This Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart (and those killer citrus sugar doughnuts) is worth the price of admission to this Philly brunch. For reals. Best savory tart I’ve ever had. I asked Executive Chef Jonathan Petruce, who happened to be behind the bar, if he made it. Of course he did! I think he looked at me like I had five heads for asking. Sorry, dude! I hope they have this when you go because you have to try it. I promise, that’s not hyperbole. 😊

Harp & Crown Brunch Fresh Ham

Fresh Ham [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

A slice of Fresh Ham? 🙌  Nothing more to say except… the only thing missing was some mustard – don’t judge – I love mustard on my ham! 😋

Harp & Crown Brunch Waffles & French Toast

Waffles & Brioche French Toast [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Waffles and French Toast? Food coma alert! Food coma alert! 🤤

PHEW! I think you get the picture here. It is an amazing brunch spread – full of savory and sweet dishes that should please everybody. So much to choose from; it is absolutely worth $28/pp. Add $15 for all you can drink mimosas, champagne or bellinis. What more could you want?! If you love brunch as much as I do, this Philadelphia brunch should be on your list. It ain’t your Momma’s brunch buffet, that’s for sure!

Reservations are highly encouraged as brunch is available upstairs only. While we dined in the main dining room, if you get there early enough, I highly suggest dining in the front “garden” room. It is a stunning space with lots of natural lighting. FYI — Elbow Lane (downstairs lounge with a 2-lane bowling alley) is closed during this time. We asked for a quick tour because we had heard so many great things about it and they generously obliged.

Elbow Lane at Harp & Crown

Bowling Alley at Elbow Lane [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Absolutely gorgeous space! Very speakeasy-ish. The decor is very throwback to the 20s and 30s. We will definitely be back to bowl and imbibe here with friends soon.

Elbow Lane Bar at Harp & Crown

The Bar at Elbow Lane [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Call 215-330-2800 for brunch reservations and tell them Philly Grub sent you. If you’ve already been, let us know your thoughts!

*Special thanks to Bondfire Media for arranging our visit. Our opinions are our own.

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