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Thai Ice Cream Rolls in Philadelphia

It’s official, Thai Ice Cream Rolls are a sure, cool thing in Philadelphia.

Mike Klein saw it coming back in April with the opening of Teassert BarAs did I. Around that same time, Sweet Charlie’s opened in Washington Square.

Since the openings of Teassert Bar and Sweet Charlie’s, Ice Land opened directly across the street from Teassert on North 10th Street in Chinatown. While they do Thai rolled ice cream, they also serve Taiwanese shaved ice or “snow ice” which is different than Thai ice cream in that it is shaved into ribbons, instead of rolled.

As of tomorrow, Chinatown will welcome yet another Thai ice cream joint, ICE NY Philly, at the new Chinatown Square Food Court (1016-18 Race Street).  They call their version “smashed and rolled” ice cream. It is an international chain that originated in Thailand, and now has over 250 locations all over Thailand and Southeast Asia. Their first US location opened in New York City. This is the first Philadelphia location.

ICE NY Philly Grand Opening

Since I’m a sucker for a good food craze, I decided to swing by Teassert Bar today since I am unable to attend the ICE NY Philly grand opening tomorrow. I threw lactose-intolerance to the wind (by swallowing a Lactaid pill, natch) and got a proper introduction to Thai rolled ice cream.


Teassert Bar at 227 North 10th Street in Chinatown

You can’t miss Teassert Bar thanks to good signage on the building.


Wall Mural at Teassert Bar

There is a basic mural on the wall depicting what they offer. Not pictured are the “Hong Kong” egg waffles they also serve. Egg waffles are spherical egg-based flatten waffles that can be stuffed with your choice of Thai ice cream, unlimited toppings, and rolled up into a cone. Since I’m still a virgin to the whole thing, I opted to just go with the rolled ice cream sundae in a cup.

Teassert Bar Menu

Among the flavors of ice cream they have are:

  • Cookies and Creme (Oreo)
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Thai Tea & Lychee
  • Matcha Azuki (Matcha Green Tea & Red Bean)
  • Ferrer Rocher (yep, those delicious little chocolate hazelnut candies )
  • Snickers (Peanuts, Caramel, Chocolate)
  • Taro
  • Red Bean
  • Jasmine Tea
  • S’mores (Marshmallow, Chocolate, Graham Crackers)
  • Caffeine High (Coffee, Chocolate)
  • Non-Dairy Mango Sorbet
  • Non-Dairy Strawberry Sorbet

It’s so much fun to watch them roll the ice cream!

Toppings are fun and unlimited! Put them all on if you want! 😉


Fun Toppings at Teassert Bar in Chinatown


Thai Rolled Ice Cream at Teassert Bar

There is absolutely no wrong way to eat Thai rolled ice cream. I enjoyed the Thai tea flavored ice cream (it’s orange) with chocolate chips, brownie bits, Pocky sticks, sprinkles, whipped cream, and a fresh strawberry! So good! 😋🍨

I highly recommend that you try Thai rolled ice cream in Philadelphia. If you go to Teassert Bar, be prepared to wait especially if it is busy. Allow time for them to mix the ice cream base and roll it on the anti-griddle. It’s quite worth the wait, though.

Teassert Bar
227 N. 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Sunday-Thursday 11AM – 11PM
Friday, Saturday 11AM – 12AM

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