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New Dessert Concept Opens in Philly Chinatown

UPDATE: Grand Opening is this weekend (July 30-31) — BYOB ice cream and bubble tea!

Teassert Bar, a new Thai-inspired ice cream roll and bubble tea shop in Chinatown, expects to open in mid-June.

Teassert Bar Chinatown Philadelphia

Teassert Bar will be located at 227 N 10th Street in Chinatown

This summer, the “hot” (or shall I say “cool”) new trend will be Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. They’ve already become an immensely popular dessert in NYC. In approximately two months, there will be numerous Thai-inspired ice cream shops in Philadelphia. Aside from Teassert Bar, Sweet Charlie’s will start rolling Thai-inspired ice cream in May sometime at 711 Walnut Street.

Stephen Ngo reached out to inform me that his concept, Teassert Bar, will open in mid-June. “We are introducing a new concept to Philadelphia, a Thai-inspired ice cream rolls and bubble tea shop, in Philly’s Chinatown. Our products will be made with all natural ingredients. It means there will be No powder, No regular fructose or artificial flavors.”

Unlike your typical ice cream scoop, the Thai ice cream roll process starts by pouring a liquid ice cream base on to an ice pan over which ‘mixins’ are thrown and chopped. The mixture is then flattened and left to freeze for a short while, after which the rolls are made and served fresh with your choice of topping.

Teassert Bar Thai Ice Cream Roll Philadelphia

Thai Ice Cream Roll Shop, Teassert Bar, To Open in Philadelphia in June

Stephen goes on to say, “We are more quality conscious because we are not using any powder ingredients or fructose as a sweetener because they are bad for your health. A typical ice cream shop uses powder base ingredients and bubble tea shop uses fructose as a sweetener. We strive to be the forerunner to change the seen of bubble tea and ice cream rolls.”

Fun ice cream flavors include: strawberry, green tea, coffee, taro, “Thai” and cookie monster. Toppings offered are: strawberry, blueberry, mochi, oreo, marshmallow, banana, and Pocky! To complete your ice cream roll, select from whipped cream, chocolate, condensed milk, nutella, or caramel.

In addition to the ice cream rolls and bubble tea, they’ll also be offering “Milk Tea,” special tea drinks blended with milk. There are some vegan/non-dairy options available as they will offer milk alternatives such as almond and soy milk.

Can’t wait to try! Stay tuned for exact opening date coming soon.

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