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GRUB ON THIS: The Gobbler Burger at Craftsman Row Saloon

Craftsman Row Saloon (located at 112 S 8th Street between Chestnut and Sansom Streets) has added The Gobbler burger to their menu.

It’s a triple decker and only available until Thanksgiving! It’s got two turkey patties, and a third patty of homemade stuffing. It’s topped with cranberry chutney, smashed yams and gravy.

Craftsman Row Saloon Gobbler Burger with Drunken Pumpkin Shake

Craftsman Row Saloon Gobbler Burger with Fries and Drunken Pumpkin Shake!

At just $12 with fries, it’s a good choice for lunch or dinner. It should be paired with the Drunken Pumpkin (as pictured), a boozy milkshake with vanilla ice cream, pumpkin pie filling and vodka.

I can’t vouch for this burger per se, but how can it be bad? I can say without a doubt that their burger game is on point, though. The Stallone and Mac Daddy burgers are awesome!

Check this out and report back to us!

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