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New Cranberry and Citrus Infused Vodkas from Lansdale’s Boardroom Spirits

Boardroom Spirits, an award-winning innovative craft distillery, announces the launch of two new fruit-infused vodkas: FRESH Cranberry and FRESH Citrus. These 100% natural vodkas are made with real fruit, without using shortcuts or adding juices or concentrates. The natural flavors, colors, and scents shine through for a truly FRESH drinking experience.

Boardroom Spirits Cranberry & Citrus Vodka

FRESH Cranberry is a gluten-free, organic sugarcane vodka infused and distilled with unsweetened raw cranberries. The aroma, flavor, and deep red color of FRESH Cranberry are derived entirely from the natural, unadulterated fruit. It is a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to cranberry juice giving the consumer a superior, natural quality product as opposed to an artificially sweet, synthetic, or caloric one.

Vodka and cranberry juice becomes FRESH Cranberry with club soda at half the calories. Cosmopolitans and Cape Cods lose the sugary, caloric, watered down juice addition. FRESH Cranberry is also enjoyable on the rocks with a squeeze of lime––perfectly tart with a clean, smooth finish. In a market where candy-flavored or gimmicky vodkas crowd the shelves, Boardroom Spirits is looking to change the status quo and provide an alternative beverage for many consumers who have written off the genre.

Boardroom Spirits Cranberry Vodka

FRESH Citrus is an organic wheat-based vodka infused with a combination of genuine orange, lemon, and lime peel and zest as opposed to ‘citrus flavor’ found in most products. Like FRESH Cranberry, there are no concentrates, sweeteners, preservatives or colorings added. FRESH Citrus and Cranberry clearly list each natural ingredient on their labels for full product transparency. Citrus is pleasant on the rocks, topped with club soda or used in traditional vodka cocktails from a classic Vesper or lemon drop martini to a citrus-laced Bloody Mary.

Boardroom Spirits Citrus Vodka

The clear 750ml bottles show off Cranberry’s bright, berry-red hue and Citrus’s ethereal greenish yellow. In line with their goal for total transparency Boardroom Spirits clearly lists all ingredients used on each bottle of FRESH vodka. This practice is unheard of in this category of the spirits industry but one Boardroom feels is crucial to their mission. FRESH Cranberry and Citrus are sold in Boardroom Spirits’ Lansdale, PA Distillery for $25 and are available in 33 states through

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