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Dine at City Tavern on Election Day

Look past this contentious election and remember the spirit of democracy that began in Philadelphia. Celebrate the right to vote by enjoying the same cuisine the founding fathers did, right where they did – at City Tavern Restaurant. Located in Old City, the restaurant is just steps from Independence Hall, where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and created the U.S. Constitution.

Chef Walter Staib of City Tavern

Dine out on Election Day where the founding fathers hosted dinner parties and drank ale after a long day of politics. Chef Walter Staib has recreated the menus of the past so guests can experience history with all their senses.

Menu items, such as colonial turkey pot pie, roasted duckling, chicken breast Madeira, and medallions of venison are prepared with the same time-honored recipes that America’s first diplomats enjoyed.

Staib also serves Yards Brewing Company’s Ales of the Revolution to complement the dishes that the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and other presidents who dined at City Tavern. Each beer is brewed based on an original recipe known to the founding fathers. Diners can also enjoy a full bar and award-winning wine list. Finish the experience with fresh-baked delicacies, such as Martha Washington’s chocolate mousse cake, Thomas Jefferson’s recipe for vanilla bean crème brulee or fresh fruit cobbler.

On this Election Day, celebrate American’s ability to vote instead of arguing over candidates. Taste, smell and enjoy the flavors and aromas of 18th century cuisine in the hallowed halls of City Tavern. Honor the tradition of American democracy in the place that it all started with a meal fit for presidents and citizens, alike.

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