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LocalStove: New Philly Startup Features Delicious Food by Home Cooks

Have you ever wanted someone to bring you a home-cooked meal? Have you ever waned to share your own signature home cooking with people in your neighborhood? You’re in luck, new Philly startup site LocalStove is making that happen! Their mission is simple: connect busy food lovers with local home cooks providing delicious and healthy homemade meals.

Local Stove

When they reached out a few weeks ago to tell me about their new startup, I was intrigued. In fact, in the world of on-demand get-anything-at-your-fingertips-apps, I was shocked this concept didn’t exist before. I think it’s a great idea and has a lot of potential to take off.

According to the website

LocalStove is a platform to find delicious meals prepared by the best home cooks in your neighborhood. Through our quickly growing network of amazing local cooks, LocalStove can bring you some of the most authentic, unique and delicious food in the world – all made with love.

We at LocalStove feel strongly in the power of food to bring people together and enrich lives. We believe home cooked food is usually healthier, cleaner and is better for both the body and soul. LocalStove thinks that everybody deserves a homemade meal, but understand that with our busy lives, this is often not possible. So, we’ve made it our mission to bring homemade food to you.

They were eager for me to try a meal and experience their service; so we made arrangements for a meal-for-two to be delivered to our home this evening. One of the cooks, Nancy Nguyen, is featuring Pork Banh Mi Tacos this week. So we were especially excited to try them.

One of the founders, Henrique Setton, picked them up and delivered them himself because we live just over the Betsy Ross Bridge in New Jersey.

Please note: as of right now, they are only servicing Philadelphia. If you want to pick up or have home cooked food delivered to your house, you must live within the city.

The tacos were delivered in a non-descript plastic bag. They came in a plastic container with a Local Stove label on the front including the name of the local cook.

Local Stove Pork Banh Mi Tacos

Along with two extra large Pork Banh Mi tacos, an utterly delightful and innovative fusion of Vietnamese and Mexican; we received a side of Southern staple Dirty Rice & Beans (pictured above in the white container).

According to Nancy, these tacos were inspired by a trip to Austin, Texas. They include: cumin-rubbed slow-roasted salty peach-glazed pork belly, cilantro, lime, tangy cabbage & jicama slaw, corn tortilla with a spicy crema on top.

Here’s a close-up of the delicious tacos:

Pork Banh Mi Tacos Closeup

I did not see or taste the spicy crema; it might have evaporated by the time the tacos got to us, but it didn’t really need it. The pork had a nice slow-cooked flavor and the slightly pickled veggies added brightness and crunch. Everything tasted well-seasoned, perfectly cooked and very fresh! We thoroughly enjoyed these tacos and would definitely order them again.

The dirty rice was good – it had both black and red beans in it. Nothing fancy, just straight up rice and beans. Between the two tacos each and individual dirty rice portions, we felt satisfied.

We recommend that you check out LocalStove and start supporting local home cooks or become a featured home cook yourself! We think this is a concept that could take off and become popular; now that we’ve experienced it, we are fully behind the idea. We totally recommend that you experience it yourself.

Sign up and start eating home cooked meals now — use promo code “PHILLYGRUB” for $5 off your order!

And finally, hopefully soon, you’ll be able to order some good old-fashioned barbecued food off us! Hubby and I are getting our menus together and it will be posted soon – so stay tuned.

We were not compensated for this post. Our meal was complimentary, though.

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