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Snap Kitchen Adds New Menu Items For Summer

Snap Kitchen New Summer Menu Items

Today, Snap Kitchen unveiled its eagerly anticipated new menu across its 43 locations nationwide, featuring six new incredible meals that incorporate some of the hottest culinary trends.

Snap Kitchen’s all-star team of chefs and nutritionists challenged themselves to source and create unique recipes full of bold flavors and fresh ingredients that enable customers to mindfully indulge in these shockingly nutritious creations.

Here’s what they’ve added:

Slow Roasted Brisket Tacos: This dish features tender brisket meat, roasted poblano peppers and zucchini, wrapped up in a delicious Cassava and Coconut tortilla from Siete Family Foods in Austin. Snap Kitchen tapped into this local Austin partner to source this perfect Paleo tortilla. Complete the tacos with chipotle salsa or top them off with dairy-free sour cream made fresh from cashews and lemon juice. (Paleo and Dairy-Free)

slow roasted brisket tacos

Brisket Hash: The new brisket features a secret BBQ rub and brisket mixed with fresh cut peppers, onions, red cabbage and sweet potatoes for a tasty combination. The BBQ sauce is another homage to Texas. Usually BBQ sauce is full of sugar but this is crafted with caramelized yellow onions and add a little vinegar and honey. The end result is a BBQ sauce you can feel great about.

brisket hash

While the flavorful brisket dishes set the bar high, Snap’s chefs didn’t stop there. They created new meals featuring other home-town favorites as well as traditional ethnic recipes including:

Coconut Curry Beef: Starting with antibiotic-free beef poached in organic light coconut milk, seasoned with ginger garlic and cilantro, this lovely tropical dish is tossed over a base of whole grain brown rice and garnished with Thai basil and vibrant chili oil. (Dairy-free)

coconut curry beef

Turkey Picadillo Stuffed Peppers: Taking a Cuban twist on stuffed bell peppers, this meal features ground turkey picadillo and a homemade tangy tomato sauce for a perfect balance of sweet and savory. (Paleo and Dairy-free)

Turkey Picadillo Stuffed Peppers

Beef Sweet Potato Scramble: This better-for-you take on the traditional Tex Mex breakfast combines grassfed ground beef, locally sourced eggs, shredded sweet potatoes and a fresh tomatillo salsa. (Paleo and Dairy-free)

beef sweet potato scramble

Shakshuka: As fun to say as it is to eat, this traditional Israeli meal features ingredients like fresh vegetables in a bold tomato sauce, all topped with an over easy egg. It’s a breakfast dish that will be enjoyed throughout the day. (Vegetarian)


There are four city locations:

Snap Kitchen Fairmount (<– click for hours)
1901 Callowhill Street

Snap Kitchen Old City (<– click for hours)
259 Market Street

Snap Kitchen Midtown Village (<- click for hours)
1109 Walnut Street

Snap Kitchen Rittenhouse Square (<- click for hours)
1901 Chestnut Street

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