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Four Courses from Marigold Kitchen’s New Early Summer Menu

Marigold Kitchen is unveiling their new Early Summer Menu

Marigold Kitchen Early Summer Menu

Known for keeping an element of surprise when presenting their 13-15 course feast, the chefs prefer not to divulge the full menu in advance. Instead, they are offering a peek at a few of the dishes.

Each course is meticulously designed for the eyes and the palate in whimsical Marigold Kitchen fashion. Menu highlights are as follows:

Whipped Fennel and Leek atop a house made flatbread with parsley, roasted artichoke and dried black olives:

Marigold Summer Menu Whipped Fennel and Leek

Korean Head Cheese is formed into a torchon and served with wakame salad, pickled ginger, 5 day kimchi gel, and rice chips:

Marigold Summer Menu Korean Head Cheese

Lemon-thyme Potato Gnocchi are tossed with squab leg confit, black garlic-Madeira sauce and cured egg yolk:

Marigold Summer Menu Lemon-Thyme Potato Gnocchi

Strawberry in multiple forms offers frozen aerated parfait, macerated fresh berries, strawberry gel, olive oil cake, mint plushes and pliable chantilly:

Marigold Summer Menu Strawberry

Marigold Kitchen is located at 501 S. 45th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104. Call 215-222-3699 for reservations.

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