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Order on Grubhub in South Jersey. Yep!

Grubhub in South Jersey

Disclosure: we partnered with Grubhub to experience delivery in South Jersey

Grubhub has been around and helping Philadelphians get good grub delivered for many years, at least since 2009 if I recall correctly. I used the site frequently when I lived in the city and it was always a good experience. Especially because it often opened up many delivery options.

When Grubhub asked if we could partner together, I told them that I defected to the dark side… Dirty Jerz. However, I was informed that they do have some delivery options in my area of Cherry Hill. So I was like, “Alright!”

Hubby and I perused our options. Lots of local pizza shops, naturally. Many of the chain restaurants on the outside of the Cherry Hill Mall came up, like Grand Lux Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen, Bahama Breeze, Maggiano’s, and nearby chains such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Cheesecake Factory, Outback Steakhouse, and Pei Wei Asian Diner.

There were a few local spots, too; I was glad to see some restaurants in Collingswood such as That’s Amore, Thai Basil, Indiya, and Osaka participate. Han Dynasty and Dolsot House in Cherry Hill, too.

After some deliberations (compromise), we chose Grand Lux Cafe.

Grand Lux Cafe Delivery by Grubhub

Grand Lux Cafe delivered by Grubhub

Ordering couldn’t be easier. They really have that down to a science. The hardest part is choosing what you want to eat.

The slightly ouchy part is the delivery fee. Depending on where you get it from, it can be as low as $1, but ours came to $8.37. Plus, if you are paying with a credit card, they force you to put the tip on the credit card as opposed to paying cash to the driver. The minimum is 10%. I understand why they do this and I’m actually okay with it. Of course, taxes are factored in too. Just be aware of the extra cost tacked on at the end. Essentially, you are definitely paying for that convenience of it being delivered to your house so it may not be convenient after all if you don’t have the bucks.

I placed the order around 6:45 and the anticipated delivery time was between 8:00-8:10. Be aware that your estimated time of delivery may be over an hour. Amazingly, our order was delivered at 7:35; so we got it under an hour! Probably because we live so close to the Mall, but I digress. Just keep in mind that delivery time will vary depending on where you order from, of course.

Food was still warm when it got here and our order was 100% accurate. So what did Philly Grub grub on from Grubhub??? 😄

Lettuce Wraps from Grand Lux Cafe

Lettuce Wraps from Grand Lux Cafe via Grubhub

Chicken Lettuce Wraps were tasty. Nice cripsy, cold iceberg lettuce. I didn’t get the”Asian” flavor from the “Asian sauce,” but the minced chicken was good.

Cheeseburger Sliders from Grand Lux Cafe

Cheeseburger Sliders from Grand Lux Cafe via Grubhub

Hubby loved his Double Cheese Mini Sliders – cooked medium-rare. They came with pickles and appropriately sized tomato slices. Yum! He also ordered the Buffalo Chicken Bites, but we weren’t impressed with them. They really didn’t have a lot of flavor. In fact, they were probably frozen. So nothing more to say about them.

Cedar Planked BBQ Salmon from Grand Lux Cafe

Cedar Planked BBQ Salmon from Grand Lux Cafe via Grubhub

I got the Cedar Planked BBQ Salmon which comes with mashed potatoes, corn succotash, and crispy onion rings. The salmon was very good; nice flavor on the BBQ sauce. Very satisfying meal.

Chopped Salad from Grand Lux Cafe

Chopped Salad from Grand Lux Cafe via Grubhub

Also ordered a Chopped Salad for lunch tomorrow. Can’t wait to dig into that.

All in all, a good experience ordering from Grubhub. Which is actually physically delivered by another South Jersey-based service called Express Grub. They did a great job getting our order here in less than an hour.

From beginning to end, ordering from Grubhub is very easy and convenient. I would not do it on a frequent basis, as those extra fees definitely add up, but it’s extremely convenient. So if convenience is what you’re looking for, Grubhub is the way to go!

Thanks Grubhub!

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