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First Taste: Nick’s Old City Bar and Grille Smokin’ New BBQ Menu

As Philly Grub reported a few weeks ago, Nick’s Roast Beef in Old City rebranded as Nick’s Bar and Grille, which features a new, smoked-BBQ focused menu in addition to many of their previous popular menu items — don’t worry, that delicious and legendary roast beef isn’t going anywhere.

Tonight, by invitation of owners Joseph ‘Joey Dog’ Schultice and Nicole Viechnicki, we had an opportunity to sample some of those new menu items. Here’s a quick re-cap:

Nick's Old City Bar and Grille Maker's Splash

Nick’s Bar and Grille Maker’s Slush Cocktail

I didn’t taste a lot of Maker’s Mark in this cocktail. Perhaps it was just the one that came to me, or because it was a miniature version of the cocktail. So while I’d love to say this was a great cocktail, it pretty much just tasted like good iced tea to me. However, the ingredients do sound lovely together — Maker’s Mark whiskey, iced tea, and fresh mint. I’ll have to go back and try a full-sized cocktail sometime and make sure they put a big splash of whiskey in it. 😉

Nick's Old City Bar & Grille Pulled Pork

Nick’s Bar and Grille Pulled Pork with jalapeño slaw!

Great, classic pulled pork. The jalapeño slaw is delicious and adds a nice little kick and extra flavor. Perfect together, really. No complaints about this whatsoever. Would recommend this if you are a pulled pork fan.

Nick's Bar and Grille Rubbed, Applewood Smoked and Fried Wings

Nick’s Bar and Grille Rubbed, Applewood Smoked and Fried Wings

I have to admit, I’m very picky about wings. I don’t eat them often, but when I do, they need to be damn good to impress me. So the verdict on these? OUTSTANDING! These are made in a very unique way. First they’re rubbed, then smoked, and fried to lock in the flavor. Then, they’re rubbed again! The texture is really good, too — a little bit of crunch, but not overly crispy. The meat was succulent and juicy. They really nailed these. Our dining companion, Le Anne Lindsay of Tinsel & Tine, agreed that these were on point. I’m pretty sure they have other wings on the menu. Forget them. Get these!

Nick's Old City Bar and Grille Baked Beans and Macaroni & Cheese

Nick’s Bar and Grille sides — baked beans and macaroni and cheese — mmm!

Can’t go wrong with these two classic barbecue sides. The mac & cheese is just the way I like it, creamy with a little crumbly topping. The beans are a stand out. They are some of the best baked beans I’ve had in a restaurant in some time.  They’re everything you’d want in a great side for a BBQ meal.

Nick's Bar and Grille St. Louis Ribs

Nick’s Bar and Grille St. Louis Spare Ribs

These aren’t my favorite ribs in the world, but they had pretty good flavor and were fall off the bone. Really wish these ribs had more bark, though. Alas.

FYI — they offer three signature, house-made sauces which I would recommend putting on the ribs: Sweet, Spicy, and Carolina mustard vinegar. All are very good, but our favorite was the sweet sauce. Not too sweet, just right.

Nick's Bar and Grille Double Pig Burger Slider

Nick’s Bar and Grille “Double Pig” Burger Slider

This burger is called the “Double Pig” because it’s made with ground beef and ground bacon with a pile of pulled pork on top; along with cheddar, pickles, jalapeños and frizzled onions, this is a damn good burger! Cooked a little too long for my liking (more on the medium-well side, than my preferred medium-rare) but it didn’t take away from the taste. I would order this again!

We also had some complimentary samples of beers from Shiner and Leinenkugel – specifically grapefruit shandy and summer shandy. Both excellent beers to enjoy with hearty BBQ food. In fact, I could have drank them all night. But sadly, it’s a school night, so I’m glad they were just sample sized. 😉

All in all, a great time at Nick’s Bar and Grille. We’ll be back and we recommend you check out their new tasty menu and updated dining room. Tell them Philly Grub sent you and let us know what you thought.

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