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A Look at Marigold Kitchen’s Mysterious Tasting Menu

If you have been to West Philly’s Marigold Kitchen you know that co-owners/chefs Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza, along with chef Keith Krajewski, like to keep an element of surprise with their ever-evolving menu, and prefer their dishes be kept secret until guests are presented with dinner.

Place Setting at Marigold Kitchen

Marigold Kitchen’s wide ranging tasting menu evolves each month and highlights seasonal ingredients that are meticulously designed for the eyes and the palate in whimsical fashion.

Kochan and Lanza are spilling the beans on five dishes from their upcoming menu that features… 13-15 courses!

Be still our hearts.

Here’s a peek at some of those dishes…

Tomato Soup poured tableside over a dollop of crème fraiche foam, coated with snipped chives and a cabbot clothbound cheddar croquett.

Marigold Kitchen Tomato Soup

Cavatelli using bleu cheese, tossed in brown butter, placed atop a bed of sliced radicchio and grapes dressed in port vinaigrette.

Marigold Kitchen Bleu Cheese Cavatelli

New Zealand Venison Loin marinated in gin and honey, pan seared, jus, a velvety chestnut purée, roasted brussels sprouts, salt baked sunchokes, gooseberries and mulled Asian pears.

Marigold Kitchen New Zealand Venison 

Silken Mushroom Panna Cotta dusted lightly with sundried tomato powder and paired with orange-braised fennel, gremolata and candied hazelnuts.

Marigold Kitchen Mushroom Panna Cotta

One of the desserts, Textures of Candy Bar, is made of puffed rice, peanut butter mousse, caramel powder, coconut cake and a dark chocolate soup.

Marigold Kitchen Textures of Candy Bar

The grand finale of a meal is the Bergamot fortune cookie. These small, crunchy snacks are filled with quotations from famous chefs around the world and provide a fun way for us to bid guests adieu.

Marigold Kitchen Fortune Cookie

Looks and sounds amazing, huh? See you soon, my lovelies.

Photos courtesy of Jay Wiley Photography.

Marigold Kitchen
501 South 45th Street

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