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Thai One On in South Jersey – Thai Restaurants You Should Try

As far as we’re concerned, Thai food has always had its “moment,” but it comes in and out of vogue with foodies every few years as food trends wax and wane.

Thai seemed very hot a few years ago, especially as hot sauces like Sriracha blew up and became wildly popular. People seeking more adventurous palate-pushing flavors with spicier and hotter profiles seemed to come out of the woodwork. Then it seemed the heat-craze cooled off for a little while.

Not sure if heat-seeking is coming back (unlikely that it ever went away?), but in South Jersey, Thai is definitely “in” again with two new Thai restaurants making the scene. Certainly there was always Thai representation here so we’ll introduce the newbies and remind you of the others, including 1 long-timer.

Circles Thai in Collingswood

Circles Contemporary Asian Cuisine

Circles Thai

Philly favorite Circles crossed the bridge and set up shop in cozy Collingswood at 8 Powell Lane. Smart. While not completely barren of Thai food, the addition of Circles to the South Jersey dining landscape was a welcome one. Chef Alex Boonphaya, originally from Bangkok, opened the original Circles in South Philly in 2008, and now has a total of 4 locations including Collingswood. SJ folks are in for a treat. We highly recommend any of the duck items in addition to vegetarian items like tofu corn fritters, pumpkin curry, or the Thai Burrito.

Sanook Thai in Haddonfield

Sanook Thai Haddonfield NJ

Sanook Thai Cuisine

Sanook Thai Cuisine is not yet open at 18 Tanner Street in Haddonfield, but anticipates opening to the general public this Sunday 3/13. The menu is being described as “proudly traditional yet distinctly modern Thai cuisine.” Since Haddonfield is a dry town, it’s BYOB. And conveniently located less than 1 block from the Haddonfield PATCO station. Website is coming soon. We’re checking out a preview this Saturday and we’ll be sure to report on our thoughts!

Siri’s Thai-French Cuisine in Cherry Hill

Siri's Thai French Cuisine in Cherry Hill NJ

Siri’s Thai French Cuisine

Siri’s Thai-French Cuisine, located at 2117 Route 70 West in Cherry Hill, has been open and owned by a husband and wife team since 1994. If they’ve been open for 22 years, they must be doing something right, eh? Siri’s also does not serve alcohol, however they welcome that you bring your own. Reservations are always recommended. While the menu does seem to steer more towards the French side, it does offer many Thai-infused dishes such as Sauteed Seafood served in a Taro Nest with Fresh Vegetables in a Thai Basil Roasted Garlic Sauce and Grilled Herb Marinated Chicken Breast in a Thai green Curry topped with Julienne Vegetables.

A Little Thai Kitchen in Cherry Hill

A Little Thai Kitchen Cherry Hill NJ

A Little Thai Kitchen

A Little Thai Kitchen is wonderful. Tucked away in the Springdale Plaza at 1900 Greentree Road in Cherry Hill, it is traditional Thai with a twist. It’s a very popular lunch destination in the area. For a fixed price of $8.95 you can get soup or appetizer and a Main Course. All the usual suspects are on the dinner menu, such as Pad Thai and curries; however they also offer a duck-heavy menu (7 duck entrees total to choose from) and some really interesting sounding entrees like Thai BBQ Chicken (actually, it’s Cornish game hen) and even an alligator meat dish! The Alligator Pad Ped contains stir-fried alligator with mixed vegetables, basil, bell peppers, green peppercorn, baby corn, rhizome root, and homemade red curry. If you like Thai food, A Little Thai Kitchen is a MUST go-to. 

Bhan Thai Fusion in Mount Laurel

Bhan Thai Thai Fusion Cuisine Mount Laurel NJ

Bhan Thai Thai Fusion Cuisine

Bhan Thai Fusion Cuisine is located at 4330 Dearborn Circle in the Cambridge Crossing Plaza in Mount Laurel. They offer lunch and dinner everyday except Sunday; and are closed everyday from 3PM till 5PM. The menu looks pretty traditional to us, so we’re not sure where the fusion comes into play. In any case, the menu is plentiful, offers many gluten-free options, and a Chocolate Granmanier Soufflé which is served with pistachio ice cream — sounds absolutely to die for! This one is on our to visit list soon.

Lai Thai Cuisine in Voorhees

Lai Thai Cuisine Voorhees NJ

Lai Thai Cuisine

According to their website, “If you are looking for an extensive selections of authentic Thai Cuisine, Lai Thai Cuisine is a right place that you have been waiting for. The menu is extensive and each dish is ranging from appetizer to dessert with harmonious presentations of taste and flavor.” The menu offers many vegetarian options and heat levels range from mild to medium to hot. We wonder if that is Thai hot? We’re not willing to find out (we like hot food, but not that hot). In any case, if you find yourself in Voorhees craving Thai, know that Lai Thai is nearby located at The Echo Shoppes at 200 White Horse Rd.

And there you have it, Thai food in South Jersey — it does exist. Your favorite not listed here? Let us know!

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    • I hope you try ALL the Thai in South Jersey. I moved to the dark side 4 years ago. While still close to my beloved City of Brotherly Love, it’s nice to know that there are some diverse dining options in South Jersey. I try to shed a little light on it from time to time.

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