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Chef Zama’s Omakase Fish Box, Rare Japanese Fish, Available at Zama and CoZara

Philadelphia Sushi Restaurants To Offer Rare Seasonal Fish Direct From Japan

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A wonderful treat for Philadelphia adventurous sushi lovers.

Twice a week Chef Zama of Zama Restaurant in Rittenhouse Square procures a box of extremely rare seasonal fish for sashimi or nigiri. The options are exclusive to Zama, but are now available at sister restaurant CoZara Restaurant in University City too.

Chef Zama works directly with Japanese fishermen to source the delicacies. The fish are shipped from the Fukuoka Market located in South West of Japan. Fukuoka Market is the second largest fish market in Japan, offering Zama fish that is so rare that it’s not even served in the Tokyo area.


Fukuoka Market

Zama and his team do not know what they will receive until the very last minute when the fishermen send Zama a photo prior to shipping the box. Zama devises the preparation for each fish upon arrival.

Parts of the rare fish are cured overnight and packed in cold storage for guests looking for exotic items that can’t be found elsewhere such as the head, heart, liver, stomach and roe of the rare fish. The overnight aged dishes are called ichiya-boshi.

Examples of the items Zama may receive include:

  • Yazu (Young Amberjack)

  • Kinmedai (Goldeneye Snapper)

  • Matodai (John Dory)

  • Mejina (Opaleye)

  • Hobo (Sea Robin)

  • Goza (Scorpion)

  • Renko (Golden Seabream)

  • Takanohadai (Flagfish)

  • Tobiuo (Flying Fish)

  • Chinu (Black Porgy)

  • Moara (Spotted Grouper)

  • Itoyori (Threadfin Bream)

  • Aka Yagara (Long Nose Flute Fish)

Items from the omakase fish box range in price from $3.50-$7.00 and is available by request only.

Zama Restaurant (in Rittenhouse)
128 South 19th Street
(215) 568.1027

CoZara Restaurant (in University City)
3200 Chestnut Street
(267) 233.7488

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