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Coffee-Based Mobile App, CUPS, Launches In Philly Next Week

Caffeine-fiends take note of this:

CUPS, a mobile app that helps independently-run coffee shops connect with local coffee drinkers, is set to launch in Philadelphia next week. Scroll down for a link for a free coffee gift later in the post.

CUPS mobile app

Photo courtesy of CUPS

The app allows the user to enjoy discounted prices and discover new local hangouts, while helping the cafes find new business and compete with the big chains.

CUPS mobile app Philadelphia

Photo courtesy of CUPS

In New York, over 200 coffee shops are a part of the CUPS network, making it the second largest “chain” in the city behind Starbucks, and giving member locations access to some of the resources enjoyed by a larger corporation, without comprising their independent spirit.

For users, the app is extremely easy to use, with streamlined in-app purchasing and a map that helps them discover new cafes. All new users receive one free cup of coffee to test it out before purchasing a plan, after which they can either pre-purchase 5 or 15 cups at a time or pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited coffee, as well as leave a tip or buy food.

Starting in early February, CUPS will be bringing all of the above benefits to Philadelphia. Users who sign up on this page will receive a free coffee gift upon launch, and there will be massive discounts on 15-cup plans for all of our new Philly users. Initial coffee shop partners include Bodhi, Greenstreet Coffee Roasters, Square One, and OCF, among others.

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