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“Dining in Philadelphia with Philly Grub” Guide for

I was honored when travel guide reached out to me to create a “dining in Philadelphia” guide for their new travel planning app and website. I get asked plenty of times, either through email or on social media, to provide dining recommendations to out of town visitors. I’m happy to help peoplelearn about the great eats and restaurants we have here in Philly. But I’ve never been asked to provide for an official guide before.

I had to admit, it was a bit of a daunting task to provide no more than 8 picks. I didn’t really want to play favorites based on my own experiences, per se, simply because I felt it was important to showcase the diversity that Philadelphia’s food and drink scene has to offer. Not to mention have it be a mix of old and new and places that people form all walks of life can enjoy.

So, while it is NOT a complete guide by any stretch of the imagination for a traveler to Philadelphia, I’d like to think the places I selected are definitely in the pantheon of “must try” establishments for locals and visitors alike.

Click on the image below to find out who made the Dining in Philadelphia with Philly Grub guide on!

Dining in Philadelphia with Philly Grub

What restaurants, eateries, or bars would you add to your own guide?

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