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Behind the Blog: John Kim of Belly of the Pig

We’re back with another Behind the Blog. Meet John Kim of Belly of the Pig, a blog focused on Philadelphia dining.

John Kim of Belly of the Pig

John Kim of Belly of the Pig

John Kim
Early 30s
Blog Name:
Belly of the Pig
Blog URL:
Blog Focus:
Restaurant Reviews – whether it’s fine dining, takeout, and everything in between!
Launch Date:
Why did you start blogging?
My girlfriend thought it would be a great idea. I’m pretty sure she now regrets putting the thought in my head!
What do you like best about blogging?
I enjoy the food photography and love that it’s a creative outlet for me, especially considering my primary occupation is more regimented!
What platform do you use?
How do you promote your blog?
Mainly through Instagram and Twitter.
Do you write all of the blog posts yourself?
What are your favorite/most popular blog posts?

What is your favorite “foodie” or food blogging experience so far?
Lunch at L’Arpege in Paris. Not only was it an exquisite 3 Michelin Star restaurant, but the experience really opened my eyes to how delicious high-quality, yet simple produce can be – in the hands of the right Chef!
What are your favorite cuisines/meals/recipes?
I can’t just choose one cuisine, but my guilty pleasure? Mac n Cheese. Barclay Prime turned me on to what I consider the perfect trio of cheese – MAC. Mascarpone, Asiago, and Sharp Cheddar. Some heavy cream. Don’t ask me for ratios and measurements though – I wing it!
What are your favorite Philly area restaurants?
Amis, Barbuzzo, Tinto, Dim Sum Garden, Han Dynasty … the list really does go on and on!
Who are your favorite Philly area chefs or food business personalities?
Without a doubt, the Vetri family of Chefs and Mike Solomonov are doing a bang-up job representing Philly on the national stage. But personality? Han Chiang takes the cake whether it’s his hate for PPA and narrowly averting disaster in the form of unexpected collisions.
How often do you go out to eat at Philly area restaurants?
Once a week.
How often do you cook at home?
Almost everyday.
What are your favorite stores/shops/markets to shop for food products?
Reading Terminal Market, Headhouse/Rittenhouse Farmer’s Markets, DiBruno Brothers, and Whole Foods Callowhill.
Tell us a few things you think our readers would find interesting about the local food scene.
I love that Philly has the major cuisines on offer – all within walkable distance and at such high quality levels as well. Philly’s not pretentious in its love for good food, but certainly proud. We could do with some Northern Thai food though!
Tell us more about yourself.
I work in the private sector of the public health field and have a sick obsession with data analysis. I have an even sicker passion for pork belly – essentially stalker status. As an aside, anybody have a friendly home game for Hold ‘Em going on?
What other food blogs do you follow?
KevinEats, Tiny Urban Kitchen, The Wandering Eater, Philly Phoodie, and David Lebovitz are fairly regular reads!
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Awesome John. We especially love your obsession with pork belly. While everybody is still (?) raving about bacon, pork belly is where it is at!

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