Philly Foodie Friday – July 31

Happy Philly Foodie Friday!

Here are some of our favorite Philly dining news stories that made headlines the week of July 26th.

Washington Post Raves That Philadelphia is One of America’s Best Food Cities
Uwishunu reports that the Washington Post’s food critic Tom Sietsema came to Philadelphia to try our many wonderful eateries and food and left with high praise. Saying what makes the Philly food scene so great is that “substance trumps flashiness.” We couldn’t agree more!

Philly Cheesesteak Tour
cheesesteak-1170x400First of all, did you know that the Philly Cheesesteak Tour exisits?? But of course it does! Stephanie Nicole, of My New Philly, speaks with Nina Keyes-Reid of Philly Cheesesteak Tour. The tour takes people around Philadelphia by bus to sample our famed sandwich at 5 locations: Campo’s, Pat’s, Geno’s, Jim’s and Govinda’s for a vegan option. Not only is this a cheesesteak sampling and sightseeing tour, they also provide fun Philly facts along the way. The best part? Some proceeds from the tour support great Philadelphia causes such as Big Brother’s Big Sisters of Southeast PA and the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia. Definitely worth checking out if you are a cheesesteak lover!

south-philly-barbacoa-tortasSouth Philly Barbacoa Tortas
South Philly Barbacoa will be serving up 3 different varieties of tortas this evening. According to Foobooz this will be the first of monthly (or bi-monthly) dinner events this on Friday. The events will feature artists and food. First up tonight is famed mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar and street artist Air Rat.

le-bok-finLe Bok Fin
Le Bok Fin is a new restaurant opening up on the rooftop of the old Edward Bok Technical High School in South Philly. It will be open to the public starting on Friday, August 7. According to the Passyunk Post, the restaurant will be serving affordable, easy-to-eat French-style cuisine and will be 21+ to start since the site is still a construction zone. We can only imagine who amazing the view will be. A must check-out when it is open.

Vegan Ice Cream in Philly
Be Well Philly did an amazing job of rounding up 15 eateries that offer vegan, non-dairy ice cream in the area. A must for vegans and lactose-intolerant alike!

Sbraga’s New Cocktails
The Town Dish reports on new cocktails at Philly’s Sbraga. Head bartender Nate Churchill has added 7 new refreshing cocktails to the menu with prices ranging from $12-$14.

What are YOUR favorite Philly foodie news stories of the week? We’d love to hear about them!


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