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Behind the Blog: Wil Rivera of Dinz for Dudes

Wil Rivera

Wil Rivera of Dinz for Dudes

Welcome to the another edition of Philly Grub’s blog article series “Behind the Blog”. Where you get introduced to other food bloggers in the greater Philadelphia area.

Meet Wil Rivera of Dinz for Dudes.

Wil Rivera
East Kensington, Philadelphia
Blog Name:
Dinz For Dudes
Blog URL:
Blog Focus:
Food Photography
Launch Date:
Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I’m a huge foodie. I felt like I needed to share my Philadelphia food experiences with the world.
What do you like best about blogging?
I feel blogging is a creative outlet to showcase my food photography and food experiences.
What platform do you use?
How do you promote your blog?
I promote my blog using the following social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.
Do you write all of the blog posts yourself?
What are your favorite/most popular blog posts?

What is your favorite “foodie” or food blogging experience so far?
I met and photographed the chef at Girard and he was cool about letting me take photos of him in action in the kitchen.
What are your favorite cuisines/meals/recipes?
Wow, there are so many. But, just to name a few: Pizza, burgers, grilled cheese, mac and cheese and tacos. Oh, yea! I forgot, I love chicken and waffles too.
What are your favorite Philly area restaurants?
There are so many that I enjoy, especially in Fishtown, since we live in the area and usually stay around there most of the time. But, some of the places that we frequently go to: Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen, Lloyd Whiskey Bar, Sancho Pistola, Kraftwork Bar, Sketch Burger and Honey’s Sit N’ Eat.
Who are your favorite Philly area chefs or food business personalities?
Chef Brian Oliveira at Girard is a really cool dude and makes really good food.
How often do you go out to eat at Philly area restaurants?
Several times per week
How often do you cook at home?
Several times per week
What are your favorite stores/shops/markets to shop for food products?
Whole Foods and Super Fresh.
Tell us a few things you think our readers would find interesting about the local food scene.
The burgers at Sketch burger are one of my favorites, ever. The beermosas are awesome at Memphis Taproom and of course, their food. If you’re looking for a good whiskey, go to Lloyd. Also, their food is delicious especially the Poutine (I can’t wait until it’s back on the menu). If you go to Honey’s Sit N’ Eat, ask for the Honey Cristo. The French Toast Gataeu at Girard is ridiculously good.
Tell us more about yourself.
I am also a wedding photographer with my wife. Check out the site:
What other food blogs do you follow?
House of Brinson, Serious Eats and Spoon Fork Bacon.
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Instagram URL:
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Other social media profiles:

Thanks, Wil. LOVE all of the attention on Fishtown/Kensington restaurants especially. Need to add them to the to-go list.

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