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Behind the Blog: Kelly Pipich of shake mixology DNA

Welcome to the very first Philly Grub “Behind the Blog” Blogger Spotlight! This new series will shine a spotlight on bloggers in our local area who like to write about food, recipes, and/or the local Philly food scene.

We’re happy to feature Kelly Pipich of shake mixology DNA first.

Kelly Pipich shake mixology DNAName:
Kelly Pipich


Philly burbs
Blog Name:
shake mixology DNA
Blog URL: 
Blog Focus:
Our focus centers on three areas – restaurant reviews (local or travel), things we like (very broad category – we like a lot of stuff, lol), and recipes we’re sharing. 
Launch Date:
Why did you start blogging?
We felt like jumping off from the mixology business and getting some recipes and personal opinions out there in our spare time. We’re just getting our feet wet but have had a great response so far!
What do you like best about blogging?
I love the freedom to just put an opinion out there in the world in my own way, without worrying about language, sarcasm, etc. and not really worry about what people are going to think (though they seem to find us pretty funny). We all like to use a lot of humor in our writing over at DNA.
What platform do you use?
How do you promote your blog?
We use Twitter and Facebook, but it’s not a monetized blog, so we’re not really beating down doors or shouting from the rooftops.
Do you write all of the blog posts yourself?
Most of the time, but I accept guest blog posts from vetted writers.
What are your favorite/most popular blog posts? 
These are our favorites – our most popular were on Stitch Fix and Fifty Shades of Grey, both of which we apologized for writing about. ;-P

What is your favorite “foodie” or food blogging experience so far?
Jason Cichonski did an amazing chef’s tasting menu at Ela for my birthday this past year – we didn’t cover it on the blog, but the whole company was there. It was a memorable night and a definitely “foodie” high.
What are your favorite cuisines/meals/recipes?
Honestly, I’m a free agent when it comes to recipes and cuisines. I definitely have a soft spot for sushi (be on the lookout for our upcoming post on how to use leftover tobiko), but I really just love trying anything new and exciting and have a very adventurous palate.
What are your favorite Philly area restaurants?
Blackfish has to be on top, but Ela is a strong contender, too, as I can’t get enough of the gnocchi. For a fun night, I love El Vez; Serpico definitely won my heart and stomach with their Cope’s Corn Ravioli. You can never go wrong with Zahav, and I have had the pleasure of being at several of their special once/year dinners (Passover, etc.), which is always incredible. For cocktails, in my “professional” opinion, The Gaslight is tops.
Who are your favorite Philly area chefs or food business personalities?
Well, who could not love Le from Hop Sing? I’m also a huge Cichonski, Roman, Sbraga, Vetri, and Solomonov fan.
How often do you go out to eat at Philly area restaurants?
2-3 times per month
How often do you cook at home?
What are your favorite stores/shops/markets to shop for food products?
I’m a legit food snob, so Whole Foods is pretty much my go-to. I also shop at all the farmer’s markets, and am a CSA member of North Star Orchard. I’m one of those organic, happy animal, in-season produce people.
Tell us a few things you think our readers would find interesting about the local food scene.
I think readers would be shocked to know that the chefs they idolize are much easier to approach than they may think. I’m NOT saying I have personal connections – far from it, but I have exchanged tweets with, for example, Marc Vetri about Boardwalk Empire, of all things (and I was giving him a hard time about it, too!). If you have something to say or a question to ask, or even just want to say hi, reach out! You will most likely hear back!
Tell us more about yourself.
I love to travel – a lot of our restaurants, recipes, etc. at DNA are featured from trips I’ve been on. More are coming, so be on the lookout!
What other food blogs do you follow?
Philly Grub, of course 😉 I’m also an avid Bon Appetit reader and follow Andrew Knowlton and Adam Rapoport on Twitter. At the end of the day, though, I am more old school and still prefer my print trade magazines.
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Thank you Kelly! Please visit the shake mixology DNA blog now. Don’t miss the recipe for Limoncello While Chocolate Crumb Cake while you’re there!

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