Oh me, Oh mi… I love me some banh mi!

OK, that was a pretty lame subject line. And I realize that I am very far behind on my burger reviews. But move over burgers, I have a NEW obsession: Bánh mì!

Bánh mì photo compliments  of Taste on Tour

Ever since moving to the Italian Market in May, I am not only close to all the fresh fruit & produce the Market has to offer, but I’m also smack dab in Vietnamese food paradise! I’ve tried bánh mì at 4 different restaurants:

O Sandwiches

Cafe Cuong

Cafe Diem

My Tien

All were very good, with O Sandwiches edging out the others for having BBQ pork and combo meal available (w/ Spring roll & drink) for just $6.25.

I have heard good things about Nhuy on Christian Street.  I wanted to try them today, but they are closed on Thursdays. Darn. In any case, they are next on my list.

Some of my Philly foodie brethren have already written about their own personal bánh mì quests…


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