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Royal Tavern – Burger

I never did get to review Patou – which is where I dined during Restaurant Week.  Been busy – as always – with other non-foodie pursuits, which is why this blog is often stagnant. I always say I’m going to change that. Oh well. Better late than never? 😉

With that said, I’m going to post about my burger experience at Royal Tavern. Let me preface to say that I do not count myself as a burger aficionado. I like them just fine, but I never went out of my way to order them before.  While I’m not a vegetarian in the slightest, I do thoroughly adore (can one adore food?) the veggie burger at National Mechanics. I know some people can take it or leave it, but I think it’s probably one of my most favorite things to eat in this city.

Anyways, back to the Royal Tavern burger. I made a “date” with my new friend Philly Beer Girl. She’s not ready to try the burger yet, but I certainly was. With all the talk of burger joints in this city, I started to crave a real beef burger. I had been told that the Royal burger was not to be missed.  It’s a thick, 8 oz. patty made of Angus beef that sits on a brioche bun, with bacon, caramelized onions, grilled long hot peppers, and a chile mayonnaise. It typically comes with Gouda cheese, but since I’m cow’s milk lactose-intolerant I requested the Gouda be replaced with goat cheese.

I order the burger medium-rare with a side of fries. It came out perfectly medium-rare and it was incredibly juicy. I had a very hard time eating the whole thing, but I was determined. As a result, most of my fries went to waste. It was incredibly rich and flavorful. Probably one of the best beef burgers I’ve ever had.  So there you have it. Sorry, no pics. I don’t have a camera. 🙁

Now I feel I must begin a burger quest. I must try the others people rave about. So, tonight, I’m heading to Ladder 15 to try the burger with bone marrow. Mmm, can’t wait!

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