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Oyster House Receives Special Shipment of Arctic Char

Just got this press release – I’ve always wanted to try Arctic Char.

The Oyster House (1516 Sansom Street, 215-567-7683) has just received four, 10 pound Nunavut Arctic Char, a fish rarely available on the East Coast.  Often described as a cross between trout and salmon, the flavorful Arctic Char will be available on their menu for just a few short days.  As the name implies, these fish swim in some of the cleanest and coldest waters next to the Arctic Circle.  Their harvest season lasts only one month, which makes Arctic Char an extremely rare and special fish.

To highlight the distinct flavor and freshness of the fish, the Arctic Char will be simply prepared and served two ways:  Smoked Arctic Char with pickled vegetables ($16);  or Arctic Char with red wine bone marrow sauce and served with root vegetables ($31).

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