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Otolith Sustainable Seafood

salmon-steaksI haven’t used this service, but apparently there is a Community Sponsored Seafood service right here in Philadelphia. I got the scoop on Twitter today, of course.

Otolith Sustainable Seafood is a family-owned business based in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.  They offer seafood À la carte , wholesale, or via CSS (Community Sponsored Seafood). According to the website, the CSS program was initiated to provide savings to the seafood consumer and to share the fixed costs associated with sourcing direct seafood.  It works much like a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture), where you get food in bulk for a fixed price. In this case, you get a 3 month supply of salmon for $180.

Unlike their À la carte offering, it looks like you can only get salmon via CSS at this time.

“It’s the best seafood ever!” proclaims @CaptMarko on Twitter.

Don’t just take his word for it, check ’em out and report back to me!

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  1. Very cool. Love to see examples like this of creative ways to combine community, sustainability, and quality–especially in the seafood industry, which is even more challenged in this department than other food sectors. I hope this model catches on and expands to other cities! Thanks for sharing!

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