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Half Hour Meals

I got an email today from Blog Catalog introducing me to a new recipe site  they’ve developed called Half Hour Meals.

This is Tony Berkman one of the owners of BlogCatalog. We just launched a new food site called Half Hour Meals and thought you might want to list your blog and perhaps review or submit some recipes. We would love to hear your feedback.

So I checked it out. Seems they are trying to cash in on the quick fix meals market ala Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals.  I’m all for quick, inexpensive meals these days. So far there are 206 recipes, but I’m sure that will grow in time as more people join the site.

It was an easy sign-up process. Setting up a profile is not at all complicated. It looks like submitting a recipe is quick and easy, too. I have not done so yet, but it’s pretty straight forward; mostly you just fill in the blanks and check-off categories.

If you’re into recipe sites and like to share your recipes, by all means, sign up.

3 thoughts on “Half Hour Meals

  1. Tony –

    I’m looking through the recipes now to see if any inspire me for dinner tonight. If I find one and use it, I’ll review it. 🙂


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