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Veggie Trader

A lot of people make fun of my Twitter “habit”, but just tonight I was informed, via Twitter, about a cool site called Veggie Trader. It’s a site where if you’re looking for local produce: you join, enter your zipcode and see what your neighbors have available. Fresh fruits, veggies, and other things your neighbors are growing and want to buy/sell/swap with you. You can also post specific produce you’re looking for in their Wanted section and see which of your neighbors answers your request. What a cool concept, eh?

I joined and did a search within 10-15 miles of Philadelphia, but didn’t find anybody offering, selling, trading, or swapping veggies. How utterly sad. I mean, I know for a fact there are home produce growers in the Philly area. But on this site — well none represented in Philly.

People in the Metro San Francisco and NYC area that are already using this service. NYTimes just did an expose story on the Veggie Patches that people from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Long Island have spawned. People that sign up, meet and exchange veggies, fruits, nuts, and other home-grown foods via this service.

Just a couple weeks ago, via Twitter, I found a user who wanted to part with a bunch of vegetables they had. She had proclaimed “Free zucchini” to anybody who responded. I sent her a message, and via Twitter, we made arrangements for this transaction. I gave her my number, she texted me, and we made plans to meet up, close to my house. Our exchange happened in a minute or less. But it was facilitated through Twitter. I thought, how fucking cool is this?! Really, how awesome is that. I offered money, but she wouldn’t take it, because it came straight from her garden so it wasn’t necessary.

This is a fluke, though. How often does this happen? I have no idea, but I’m guessing not too often. I think people in Philly who grow or need fresh produce need to get up to speed on  If you’re into communal food growing and trading and into helping your neighbors, join A WIN-WIN situation all around!

Join, also, because I’m willing to take home-grown veggies off your hands! 😀

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