Earn Sommelier Pin at Wine School of Philadelphia

The Wine School of Philadelphia is excited to announce the winter semester of its distinguished Sommelier Core Wine Course. Spanning from January 21st to March 10th, this comprehensive program offers both wine enthusiasts and aspiring professionals the unique opportunity to earn the esteemed Sommelier Pin from the National Wine School.

Gianni De La Cruz, a current sommelier student at Wine School of Philadelphia.

The Core Wine Course seamlessly integrates the Foundation and Intermediate programs, immersing students in a semester-long exploration of the world of wine. Participants will delve into wine regions, master advanced tasting techniques, and gain insights into varietals from major wine-producing countries. This structured approach not only provides a holistic wine education but also presents significant cost benefits compared to enrolling in the Foundation and Intermediate programs separately.

Course Highlights:

• Acquire the skills to become an exceptional wine taster, with a focus on identifying major wine varietals during blind tastings.
• Navigate the intricate realms of wine, understanding diverse styles, climates, and varietals from globally renowned wine-producing regions.
 • Ideal for those on the path to sommelier qualifications, budding winemakers, and wine aficionados aiming to deepen their expertise.

Upon course culmination, graduates will be conferred with the Level III certification by the National Wine School (NWS), a recognition that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with accolades from other illustrious institutions like the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

The National Wine School’s reputation as a premier sommelier credentialing entity is well-established in the wine and hospitality sectors. The meticulous training, exacting standards, and affiliations with universities underscore the value and prestige of NWS certifications.

Hosted in Philadelphia, the Core Wine Course sessions are scheduled for Sundays from 1:30 pm to 6 pm. The program welcomes all, with no prerequisites, ensuring it’s accessible to novices and seasoned wine professionals alike.

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