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The Urban Juicer Opens at Philadephia International Airport

The Urban Juicer is now open at Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) travelers and employees can start their days with “The Brain Booster Bowl” and “The Sunrise Sandwich” this fall. Nashville’s popular all-natural juice bar and eatery, The Urban Juicer, is branching out and chose PHL to put down roots.

With a fresh ingredients menu that nurtures the body and soul, The Urban Juicer at PHL will be the company’s second store outside Music City. It opened Sept. 8, 2023, and is located in the Terminal F Food Court.

If you think the magic is in the mix, you’re not wrong.

The Urban Juicer’s state-of-the-art approach to combining ingredients, using centrifugal and hydraulic juicers, results in blended-to-perfection beverages at the intersection of great tasting and great for you.

Hydraulic juice presses limit air exposure. So, oxidation, which causes nutrient degradation, is minimized. This allows juice at The Urban Juicer to be uniquely delicious, nutritious and flavorful.

The store’s top seller, “The Well-Being” smoothie, is a blend of cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple, spinach, kale, pineapple and mango. Other delectable drinks include “The Java Jolt,” “The Bee Green” and “The Peace, Love & Avocado,” among others.

The Urban Juicer is operated by SLA Worldwide, an Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) business. SLA Worldwide also operates The Everything Travel Store, 1920 Merch Co. and Lily Palmer Flowers and Gifts at PHL.

The Urban Juicer at Philadelphia International Airport

The Urban Juicer was founded by country-folk singer Celeste Krenz. She applies performance artistry to every aspect of The Urban Juicer, from creatively designing the menus to the inspired interior of the stores, which are all vegan-friendly and feature fresh greens throughout.

The Urban Juicer began as a juice stand inside a Nashville YMCA in 2011. The concept took off, expanded and soon added six stand-alone stores–including a location in 2021 at the Nashville International Airport.

In addition to smoothies and juices, The Urban Juicer’s healthy and inventive grab-and-go menu sets the fast-casual concept apart. Fresh wraps, salads and juices are made on-site with only the purest, wholesome ingredients, and all packaged to fly.

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