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Xfinity Live! Serves up a Taste of Summer with New “Crush Bar”

Xfinity Live! Crush Bar (Photo: Xfinity Live!)

Xfinity Live!, the one-of-a-kind dining and entertainment district located in the heart of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, is channeling warm summer days at the beach with its newest addition, a Crush Bar, serving up the unassuming, albeit undeniably refreshing, orange crush cocktail plus nine other variations. The Crush Bar is now open in NBC Sports Arena every Friday and Saturday night, plus before and after stadium district events and during all Xfinity Live! events.

Set beneath an orange neon sign glowing “Crush Bar” adorned with oranges, grapefruits, and lemons waterfalling down in baskets, Xfinity Live!’s new bar pays homage to the orange crush cocktail which originated at Harborside Bar & Grill in West Ocean City, Maryland in 1995 and has since expanded in popularity beyond Maryland’s borders to the Jersey Shore, Delaware beaches, Long Island, and other shore towns. The defining characteristic of the cocktail is its namesake: fresh orange halves are flattened in industrial press juicers and poured into a glass over ice, with orange-flavored vodka, triple sec and topped with lemon-lime soda. The Xfinity Live! Crush Bar will boast the classic cocktail plus nine other variations, including a grapefruit crush, peach crush, tequila crush and two large batch 32-ounce fishbowls perfect for sharing.

“Now that the holidays have come and gone and the dead of winter lies ahead, people will probably start dreaming of warmer days spent on the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland or the Jersey Shore,” said Justin DeSalvo, Director of Operations at Xfinity Live! “Our goal is to transport our guests to their favorite beach towns with the quintessential summer sipper.” 

Highlights from the Crush Bar, include:

Orange Crush ($10) with fresh squeezed orange juice, Smirnoff Orange Vodka and a splash of Sierra Mist

Blueberry Crush ($11) with Captain Morgan Coconut Rum, fresh squeezed lemon and orange juices, and Sierra Mist

Lemon Crush ($11) with Smirnoff Citrus vodka, Madhava Agave, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a splash of club soda

Grapefruit Crush ($10) with Smirnoff Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka, triple sec, splash of cranberry and Sierra mist, fresh squeezed grapefruit

Tequila Crush ($13) with Don Julio, triple sec, fresh squeezed orange juice, lime, Madhava Agave and Sierra Mist

Orange Crush Fishbowl ($50) with Smirnoff Orange vodka, fresh squeezed orange juice, and Sierra Mist served in a fishbowl

The Crush Bar is open in NBC Sports Arena near the South Entrance every Friday and Saturday night until 2 am (opening hours vary depending on District events), plus before and after stadium district events and during all Xfinity Live! events.

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