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Celebrate National Coffee Day with Many Hands Coffee

Philadelphia-based Many Hands Coffee Co., a triple bottom line coffee company that values people and the planet over profit, announces the launch of an FTO coffee tasting box just in time for National Coffee Day on September 29, 2022. The tasting box comes with five, 4oz. biodegradable and sustainable coffee bags highlighting blends and single origin roasts from dark to light. While the tasting box is only available online, customers can pick up 1-lb. bags at Weavers Way Co-op, Riverwards Produce Market, or at their unique coffee truck parked in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum Thursday-Saturday and at festivals and fairs across the region, and online.

To celebrate the launch, Many Hands Coffee will give away free cups of coffee for its first 50 in-person customers on National Coffee Day and offer 20% online discount off their entire line of fair trade, organic beans shipped from the coffee belt to PA. Many Hands Coffee products have with the lowest carbon footprint possible and are packaged in biodegradable enviro-friendly packaging. Additionally, the company vows to match all donations made on National Coffee Day to hyper-local community nonprofits they support including Native American House Alliance and Find Your Instrument. Donate here if interested.

“We are so excited to be adding a tasting box to our existing line of delicious fair trade, organic and ethically sourced coffee beans and drinks for wholesale and consumers alike,” said co-founder Miles Butler. “It takes an enormous amount to effort and yes, a bit more money to be mindful consumers and care for our planet and the people who live on it. Our hope is that if we alleviate some of that legwork and help sustain the communities we serve through our philanthropy, consumers will be happy to support that idea one delicious cup, one delicious sip at a time.”

Co-Owner Miles Butler of Many Hands Coffee Co. wants to give one more gift in the form of some easy tips to follow for at homers to brew the best cup ever.


1.    Use fresh and never pre-ground beans. By choosing organic, fair trade and packaged in sustainable packaging you’re also feeling good by supporting people and the planet WHILE getting a delicious jolt of goodness.

2.    Don’t cheap out on a grinder. They last a long time and if one needs to justify the expense divide the cost by its daily use over the years it will last.

3.    Don’t cook coffee by pouring scalding water over it. Instead, let the boiled water chill out for a minute before submerging the grounds. There’s a lot of science behind it, and patience is a virtue so practice it while brewing.

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