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Evil Genius Beer & Royal Hollandia Cheese Pairing Event

Royal Hollandia premium imported Dutch cheese expands distribution this summer due to popular demand. With the positive reception since Royal Hollandia’s US debut over the last year, fans have been eager to see products in their local stores. Now Royal Hollandia cheeses, with a variety of sizes and varieties, can be found in retailers such as GIANT Food Stores and more.

To celebrate the exciting rollout, Royal Hollandia is partnering with the makers of very serious beers with very silly names, Evil Genius Beer Co., to celebrate the 4th of July weekend with a beer-and-cheese pairing event at their Philadelphia-based brewery, located at 1727 Front St. in the Fishtown neighborhood.

The event takes place on July 2nd from 12 to 6 pm.

Royal Hollandia and Evil Genius Brewery will host this celebratory beer-and-cheese pairing for the public, featuring tasty selections of Dutch cheeses and craft beers. Royal Hollandia cheeses and Evil Genius beers are a match made in heaven cheese and beer lovers alike will not want to miss! With each Evil Genius beer purchase at the event, guests will receive a free sample of Royal Hollandia cheese, hand-picked to perfectly complement the beer choice for an ultra-satisfying flavor experience. 

There will also be a raffle to win a Grill and Cooler (valued at $1,500) for attendees, as well as other free giveaways and product coupons. For folks who cannot make the event—and for those who just can’t get enough—the fabulous pairings can be replicated by shopping at retailers such as GIANT Food Stores where the two brands can both be purchased.

“We are thrilled to be broadening our reach and bringing delectable and authentic Dutch cheeses to a whole new audience,” says Debbie Seife, Marketing Director for FrieslandCampina “We’re so grateful to be celebrating this rollout with a quality brand like Evil Genius, and we look forward to a fun and exciting event full of amazing flavors and wonderful people!”

Royal Hollandia consistently proves why it is defined as “premium”—with cheeses made from the highest quality ingredients and produced in a meticulous fashion, the tradition for which began over 120 years ago. Dutch cheesemakers have a long, rich history in cheesemaking, and cheese is ingrained in their culture, making them sublimely expert cheesemakers. Royal Hollandia is now bringing that expert-quality Dutch cheese to homes across the US, available in an assortment of sizes and varieties, including:

🧀 WheelsBallsand Wedges—available in several fan-favorite varieties, including Gouda, Edam, and Maasdam, all of which are named after the Dutch cities from which they originated. Also available are Beechwood Smoked, Chili Pepper, Mediterranean Herb, and Mild Goat cheese.

🧀 Slices—available in five varieties: Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Mediterranean Herb, Chili Pepper, and Smoke Flavored Gouda, all packaged in a convenient peel-and-reseal tray for safe storage.

🧀 Snacks—individually-wrapped in convenient grab-and-go pouches made from fully recyclable material, available in Mild Gouda, Smoke Flavored Gouda, and Chili Pepper.

🧀 Entry Packs—3.5-4 oz portions available in Mild Gouda, Creamy Swiss, Smoke Flavored Gouda, Chili Pepper, and Mediterranean Herb. Entry Packs come with descriptions that include pairing suggestions and a flavor profile scale, making them great for new or newly-branching-out cheese lovers.

The irreverent and nostalgic craft beer brand, Evil Genius Beer Co., was founded in 2011 and gained quick recognition and notoriety for its silly beer names, which often reference popular movies, memes, and song lyrics. To date, Evil Genius has released over 30 delicious, flavored brews with chuckle-worthy names including:

🍺 I Said What I Said—Key Lime Margarita Sour: a light blonde ale fermented with a special hybrid sour yeast for the perfect level of acidic tartness and then dosed with natural margarita flavor.

🍺  I Love Lamp—Pineapple Hefeweizen: a German wheat beer with natural pineapple flavor. It’s like a refreshing German Hefeweizen got taken on a tropical vacation.

🍺 You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls! —Raspberry Shandy: a light, refreshing blonde ale infused with natural raspberry and lemon flavors, and finished off with a dash of attitude.

“There are few things more exciting than sharing your passion with someone, and we have the pleasure of being able to bring our passion for cheese all the way from Holland to homes across America,” says Debbie Seife, Marketing Director for FrieslandCampina. “The innovation and creativity at the heart of Dutch cheesemaking is clear in the flavor and quality, and we are proud to be sharing that with more and more people.”

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