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Luigi’s Pizza Fresca, a favorite pizza spot in Fairmount

Luigi’s Pizza Fresca is located at 2401 Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia

In 2008, Fairmount’s Luigi’s Pizza Fresca was opened at 2401 Fairmount Avenue by two brothers, Marco and Luigi Iannuzzi, originally from Italy. Like so many others, they came to America to build a successful life.

Known as “The Italian Eatery,” they were both drawn to the location in Philadelphia due to its proximity to sights like museums, tourist attractions, and more. 

For almost 15 years now, Luigi’s Pizza Fresca has been a favorite spot among locals, who appreciate having a go-to restaurant where they can count on a good slice of pizza in Philadelphia. 

Pizza from Luigi’s Pizza Fresca in Fairmount

Marco and Luigi’s favorite part of being restaurant owners is having the honor of meeting and interacting with customers and the satisfaction of serving them delicious food made with love. 

They take great pride in using quality ingredients to make some of the best pizzas in the Art Museum area. Many items are made fresh each day and from scratch, from shredding the cheese to making their sauces. 

There are over 35 specialty pizzas with a myriad of gourmet toppings available on the menu. They offer large round pizzas and blue steel pan pies, such as the Piccola Blue Pizza, a thin-crust Sicilian pan pizza, one of their most beloved menu items. It comes in two sizes 14″x19″ or 24″x”24″.

Piccolo Blue Pizza at Luigi’s Pizza Fresca in Fairmount

They also serve cheesesteaks, subs, paninis, wraps, salads, pasta dishes, etc. There is something for everyone to enjoy on the menu.

There’s also a location at 529 Old Marlton Pike West in Evesham Township, NJ. 

Have you tried Luigi’s Pizza Fresca? What do you think? 

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