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Eat This: Porco’s Turketta Sandwich

I wasn’t going to post anything about Thanksgiving this year, as it is entirely too time-consuming to keep up with all of the specials and catering menus. However, I just learned of this special Thanksgiving sandwich that will likely put the standard “Gobbler” to shame! This literally sounds like the holiday sandwich of my dreams and I’m going to need someone to try this for me.

Porco’s Porchetteria, located at 2204 Washington Avenue in South Philly, will be offering the Turketta sandwich, aka “Porco’s Gobbler,” for the whole month of November, beginning this weekend through Saturday, 12/4. 

Porco’s Turketta Sandwich

This special holiday sandwich is made with skin-on turkey breast which is filleted and rubbed with pork lard then doused in a herb mixture and slow roasted. It is served on a brioche roll with a house cranberry mostarda along with a slice of savory pudding (aka Porco’s version of stuffing), topped with homemade Turkey gravy, and with a slice of heirloom tomato and lettuce.  

So, they’re basically making turkey the same way they make their porchetta (slow-roasted pork). That sounds all kinds of amazing! The sandwich will set you back $16, but it looks completely worth it to me.

Porco’s Turketta Meal

The turketta will be available for Thanksgiving as a full 5-6 lb. turkey breast ($65) or full-meal ($185) with turkey gravy, two family-style seasonal veggies, savory stuffing, family sized salad, home-made giardiniera pickles, and 6 half ciabatta rolls. The breast serves 8-10 people; the meal serves 10-12 people.

Family specials, tarts, and pies from the Small Oven Pastry Shop will be available for preorder pickup. 

Preorders should be placed through the Porco’s website, by phone (215-545-2939), or in-person at the pickup window through Friday, 11/19. Orders can be picked up on Wednesday, 11/24 from 10am-6pm and Thanksgiving morning, 11/25 from 8am-12pm.

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