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Introducing Course®, a new Philly-area-based AI-driven restaurant recommendation platform!

Ahhh, the proverbial question: where to grab dinner tonight? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone, who knew your distinct preferences, could make that decision for you on the spot? There’s an app for that! 

Course® is the restaurant app every foodie needs on their phones!

Say hello to Course®, the world’s first restaurant recommendation platform powered by artificial intelligence and private reviews—your reviews! 

Scrolling through the reviews of people you’ve never met before doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to decide where to eat. Other review sites rate restaurants based on other people’s opinions, which you may or may not agree with or which may or may not be genuine. On the Course® app, you’re the only one who sees your ratings and reviews, and your private input influences where the app tells you to go next.

Your personal 24/7 restaurant concierge, right on your phone! 

Over time, the Course® app builds a unique Personal Taste Profile™ for you then displays emoji location pins that correspond to your compatibility rating with the restaurants around you.

On the Course® app, you privately rate restaurants based on the quality of the dishes, atmosphere, service, value, menu/selection, presentation, cleanliness, among other criteria. If your opinions change over time, you’re able to update your ratings, helping the algorithm further understand your opinions, increasing your chances of finding even more restaurants you’ll love.

Restaurant Revolutionist with a passion for hospitality

Founded and developed by Josh Sapienza, a Philadelphia-area-based hospitality industry veteran fed up with other restaurant review sites, Course® is looking to offer a restaurant-friendly way for people to find more places to dine. Josh and his partners recently launched Course® for AppleAndroid, and the web

I sat down with Josh who explained: “We’re just trying to make it easier for people to support more independent restaurants. I think our ability to do that hinges on an interest in shifting focus, just a bit, away from publicly grading the restaurant as a critic…and towards finding the common ground that exists between ourselves and the people whose job it is to deliver warm, personal and engaging experiences in their community.”

You can sign up for a membership on a month-to-month basis ($2.99/month), an annual basis ($1.99/month billed annually at $23.99), or a lifetime membership ($119.99).

Do yourself and your restaurant community a favor, join the restaurant review revolution by putting your opinions to better use. With Course®, you’ll eat like a local anywhere!

For a limited time, Hawser (the parent company) is offering a free 30-day trial so if you’re thinking about trying it out, now is a good time.

Since it’s brand new, I’m currently giving the Course® app a spin and will be sharing my thoughts in a future post. Stay tuned for that!

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