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Bitar’s Launches Mediterranean Superfood Brunch

With the ethic of “better eating through super nutrition” trending and the mounting evidence that the Mediterranean/Middle Eastern diet is the healthiest menu on the planet, Philly’s Middle Eastern cuisine pioneer Bitar’s is introducing an all-new Mediterranean Superfood Brunch served with FREE Turkish Coffee.

Starting on the weekend of March 20-21, brunch will be offered at Bitar’s, located at 947 Federal Street in South Philadelphia, on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am-2:00 pm with limited dine-in seating available. Additionally, Bitar’s has new takeout accessories for meals to travel better for pick-up and delivery.

The Mediterranean Superfood Brunch menu is as follows:

Sweet Labni
Homemade yogurt and honey served with warm pita

Fatteh Breakfast Bowl
Toasted Pita, Chick Peas, yogurt, spices, slivered almonds, and pine nuts

Breakfast Cheese Pita
Sliced Ackawi cheese sprinkled with sumac spice wrapped in a toasted pita

Ejjeh Sandwich (Scrambled Falafel eggs)
Served with our garlic yogurt sauce, tomato, and French fries wrapped in a warm pita

Gyro Ejjeh Sandwich (Scrambled Falafel eggs)
Lamb and beef gyro and falafel, scrambled eggs, served with garlic yogurt sauce, tomato, and French fries wrapped in a warm pita

Lebanese Parsley Omelet
Scrambled Eggs, parsley, salt, and pepper

Egg with Ful
Bed of Ful Moudammas served with a soft-boiled egg on top and served with Pita

Fried Egg on Zaatar Bread
Fried egg served on warm Zaatar pita

Kunafa on a Sesame Bagel
Sweet cheese, semolina, and orange blossom syrup

Soojuk Omelet
Scrambled Eggs, seasoned ground beef, salt, and pepper

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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