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Jezabel Careaga Launches #120Friendly to Promote Small Businesses

Jezabel Careaga of Jezabel’s Cafe is imploring folks to shop small for the next 120 days to help save independent businesses in the community.

According to the #120Friendly campaign she started, the 120 days between December 1st and March 30th are crucial for the small businesses that make neighborhoods unique and vibrant.

According to Yelp, about 60% of businesses closed during the pandemic will never reopen. Many more will close permanently over the next 120 days if not supported. She doesn’t want that to happen.

“We have the power to save the small businesses in our community if we keep our dollars local instead of Amazon,” Careaga told Philly Grub. “By shopping creatively and thoughtfully, you and I can make a difference. This is a crucial time, and we need to ACT now before it’s too late!”

Here’s how she says everyone can help:

  • Make your gifts extra special by buying from local favorites.
  • Take advantage of restaurants offering takeout and holiday meals to enjoy at home.
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about small businesses you love.

She encourages business owners to record a one minute video explaining why the next 120 days are so important and share a few small businesses they love and plan on patronizing in order to spread the mutual love of shopping small and shopping local.

The campaign will be tracked by using the #120Friendly hashtag.

In the spirit of Careaga’s #120Friendly campaign, let us know the small businesses you plan on supporting in the next 120 days in the comments!

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