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Product Corner: Unique Snacks Pretzels, Pretzel Dips & Chocolate Pretzels 🥨

Editor’s Note: I’m happy to report this news about a beloved pretzel I grew up eating in Northeast PA. I remember eating the “splits” as a kid; they were a favorite in our household. In my 20s, I even lived close to the factory in the Reading area. If you love pretzels and haven’t tried Unique’s, you really must try them. You can find the pretzels at area supermarkets or order direct from the bakery’s website! The “Extra Dark” is my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. I truly do love them all! It really warms my heart to know this family-owned and operated company is turning 100 years old next year!

Unique Snacks line up of pretzels

Amidst the ongoing pandemic created by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc., a sixth-generation family business based in southeastern PA – a region recognized as the pretzel capital of the world, saw an opportunity where other businesses were forced to close or postpone corporate initiatives. The company followed a different strategy and launched a corporate rebranding to become Unique Snacks.

As a result of the mandated, stay-at-home orders and ensuing uncertainty caused by the pandemic, Unique Snacks experienced an increase in demand for the company’s healthy snacks. At the same time, the business used the uncertainty created in the marketplace to develop a strategic e-commerce plan and initiate a rebranding campaign before the company’s 100th anniversary in February 2021.

“Through our rebranding campaign, we intend to grow beyond our signature pretzel products to offer a variety of other healthy snacks that are consistent with the high-quality and taste our customers expect us to deliver,” stated Justin Spannuth, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer at Unique Snacks.

Unique Snacks has a well-established reputation for providing nutritious, high-quality products that are created with fewer ingredients to offer more flavor and healthier snacking options. The company’s Splits, Shells, and Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel Rings are verified Non-GMO. The Sprouted Splits and Sprouted Shells are certified USDA organic, making all varieties of the company’s premium snacks compatible with a variety of dietary constraints, including vegan, kosher and low cholesterol.

Unique Snacks mustard dips for pretzels

The company has the production capacity to create new snacks or extend current lines to meet increased demand. Unique also has several new snack concepts in the works for future development. The business has grown from approximately 35 employees just four years ago to more than 85 employees today.

As a nearly 100-year-old family-owned company, Unique has a rich heritage of building the business based on traditional family values. Throughout COVID-19, Unique took swift action to support its employees and help the broader community by donating facemasks and supporting local food drives. Unique Snacks also introduced “Giving with a Twist,” a national program that donates 10% of purchases to a participating nonprofit while providing members and supporters a 5% discount on all online purchases.

“Our success is driven by our culture. Our family-based values emphasize treating people like family and putting safety first. Pretzels are second,” added Spannuth. “These principles also guild our belief that businesses have a responsibility to support employees, customers, and the broader community. In recent months, we have witnessed other businesses across the nation return to the traditional family values we have maintained for almost 100 years.”

Unique Snacks chocolate-coated pretzels

Since March, Unique Snacks has tripled its website sales and has experienced an approximate 575% increase in purchases through Amazon. The business also registered a 30% increase in email opt-ins featuring deals and other useful information.

To learn more about Unique Snacks, visit Follow on LinkedIn at Unique Snacks, on Facebook @UniqueSnacksUSA, on Twitter at @UniqueSnacksUSA, and on Instagram at @UniqueSnacksUSA.

Are you already a fan of Unique Snacks pretzels? I’d love to hear from you!

Samples were provided, opinions are my own.

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