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Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Available in South Jersey

Beloved Old City ice cream shop Franklin Fountain began selling its ice cream in pints at one South Jersey location not long after the pandemic struck. Knowing that folks who normally commute over the bridge would be working from home, they wanted to be able to offer them a place to get their ice cream fix without crossing the bridge.

Jersey Java & Tea located at 140 N Haddon Ave in Haddonfield exclusively offers the pints in a variety of flavors that rotate from time to time.

“It’s been a hit! People love knowing they can get Franklin Fountain ice cream without crossing the bridge,” Mary Burke, owner of Jersey Java & Tea told Philly Grub. “We’ll keep doing this as long as the demand is there.”

Popular flavors include carmelized banana, hydrox cookie, vegan hydrox, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, sea salt caramel, mint, and peanut butter. Customers can order by the pint to go ($9) or enjoy a scoop affogato-style (with coffee).

“We are thrilled to offer our ice cream in South Jersey at Jersey Java & Tea,” said Eric Berley, founder of Franklin Fountain.

So, if you’re in South Jersey, and miss going to Franklin Fountain, head on over to Jersey Java & Tea in Haddonfield for a pint!

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