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Nothing But Sweet Love for Two Small Businesses in Pottstown

Beverly’s Pastry Shop, located at 322 East High Street, has grown with the community and has witnessed firsthand the resurgence of Pottstown, PA, which has thrived and only gotten better with new businesses and restaurants that have opened in the past few years.

A little over 5 years ago, with the idea of leaving the corporate world and living out a lifelong dream owner, Kristen Sirbak took the jump when she and her mother were walking around Pottstown and came upon the 45-year-old business, little did she know her mother later that day had bought it.

That was December 27th, 2014. On December 31st, 2014, at 12pm, they received the keys to Beverly’s. They re-opened the doors to the community after 47 years in 2015 with a fresh new look and a menu that also focused on allergy-friendly items along with many delectable sweet treats. 

Then on March 14th, 2020, they closed the doors per the Governor’s request, with much hesitation and trepidation. With it being such a scary time for a specialty food establishment, they don’t know if and when they’d be able to open their doors again.

Nick Tornetta owner of Tornetta’s Pizza located at 104 Wilson Street, reached out to Beverly’s. Nick saw that they were closed and asked if she would make some desserts that he could sell at his shop since he was still going to be doing delivery and curbside. Kristen, longing for the noise of the bakery, jumped at the chance to make cookies, cheesecakes, pound cakes, brownies, and more for customers.

“Nick is a good man and isn’t taking anything to help us stay afloat, he is really a lifeline in this crazy time,” Kristen exclaimed. “If it weren’t for Nick I don’t know if Beverly’s would have made it!”

With faith in humanity restored, Beverly’s will be open for Easter treats on April 11th from 11-2. Orders need to be made by Thursday, April 9th via Facebook or order online at All orders must be paid in advance.

Kristen is also taping “Quarantine Cooking” videos on Facebook.

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