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GIVEAWAY: Bierfest at the German Society of PA

The 9th Annual Bierfest will be held on Saturday, February 29th at the German Society of PA located at 611 Spring Garden Street. The beer-centric event runs from 2pm to 5:30pm.

Nearly two dozen Pennsylvania craft and legacy brewers and over two dozen brands of imported beers from Germany will be poured, ranging from high-profile flagships to lesser-known artisanal brews.

Tickets are $49 for General Admission (2PM), $69 for VIP (1 Hour Early Access at 1PM + Free Bierfest Mug), and $79 for VIP Plus (VIP Seminar and Tasting with Marnie Old + 1 Hour Early Access + Free Bierfest Mug).

Proceeds from Bierfest also benefit the Brewers of Pennsylvania, a trade advocacy group working to empower PA brewers and serve the interests of PA beer lovers.

Winner has been chosen and contacted.

4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Bierfest at the German Society of PA

  1. I want to go because there are many beers there that need my help. Beer is wonderful but has one purpose, to be consumed. This is where I come in. To help these various beers achieve their purpose of being consumed is a noble endeavor that I don’t take lightly.
    Gary Kozlowski

  2. I haven’t been to a beer fest in 2 years and I’m going through withdrawal. I also haven’t been to PA in what seems like forever and I’d really love to have a great reason to get back sooner rather than later.
    Also, Gary Z’s comment is spectacular.

  3. I have a charity auction on Saturday night. Going to Bierfest beforehand might seem like a bad idea to some. To me though it’s a chance to maximize my bids and raise the most money!

  4. Hey I want to go because I’m a homebrewer and I’ve always heard thisbis an awesome beer festival! Still got those tickets?!

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