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First Box of Imperfect Produce

When I heard that Imperfect Produce was now available in our area, I was excited. Last year, I had tried Hungry Harvest and really enjoyed it, but then life got crazy and I decided to cancel. Life is still insane, but I’ve been eating a lot of plant-based meals lately, so it seemed like a good time to sign up for Imperfect Produce.

I love that they have an organic option and that you can customize your box. This is very helpful. You start with a “base” price depending on the size you select, and you can always add more to your box. The Small Organic box runs about $16-$18. For my custom box, I added two extra items which increased the price to $22.15. Here’s what I got:

Not too bad if you ask me, especially since I didn’t detect a lot of imperfections. Perhaps they sent me a better looking box my first time to wow me. Who knows! Two of the items were “conventional” (i.e. not organic), but that’s okay. I try to eat organic as much as possible, of course. I will be getting a small box of organic fruits and veggies every other week. Depends on how much I consume.

Tonight, I combined a zucchini, a carrot, half of the onion, and half of one of the tomatoes to serve with some potatoes I had made the other night. I am going to have a pear for breakfast.

I can’t wait to have the Spaghetti Squash this week! I usually just roast it with EVOO, salt, and pepper and simply have it like that. Do you have any favorite spaghetti squash recipes? Let me know!

If you want to try Imperfect Produce for yourself, use my referral link to get $10 off your first box!

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  1. Awesome blog post! I honestly never knew anything about Imperfect Produce until now. I tend to shy away from organic produce because it can be a bit pricey however, this is a great way to try it out. Thanks for posting! @wedand_butter;)

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