UPDATE: Sergeant York IS Closed

UPDATE (10-16-2019): ICYMI Sergeant York is definitely now closed. It closed pretty quietly, too. I only noticed because of new traffic to this blog post and decided to check-in. Apparently no big loss to the owners or neighborhood. Carry on, Fishtown.

A recent article online at was inaccurately interpreted by readers to suggest that Sergeant York Bar in Fishtown is closing. It is not true.

The property, recently extensively improved as a profitable bar/restaurant with a liquor license, and the building with freshly renovated apartments upstairs is absolutely for sale. But, again, the bar is not closing.

“This deal was always a real estate play,” says Sergeant York operator Jacob Cohen, who just over a year ago sold a $7 million development site at Penn Treaty Park to the same NYC developers who are now his partners.

“Sergeant York has done very well since opening.” Cohen added, “The dozen or so workers at Sergeant York don’t deserve to lose their jobs because bored a-holes on Facebook are spreading rumors!”

So don’t listen to people on Facebook. This is directly from the horse’s mouth (well via their publicist). 🙂

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