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Denim American Bistro Grand Opening

Denim American Bistro Cherry Hill Grand Opening

[Photo: Amaris Pollock]

On October 24th, Denim American Bistro held its official Grand Opening and ribbon cutting event, which was attended by Cherry Hill Council Members Melinda Kane and Carolyn Jacobs.  During the ribbon cutting, there were two proclamations awarded; one declared by the office of US Senator Bob Menendez, and one declared by Cherry Hill Township’s Mayor Chuck Cahn.

Denim Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

[Photo: Amaris Pollock]

Afterwards, Owner and Executive Chef David Murray thanked everyone in attendance and spoke of how his restaurant will be a little different than what we are used to and that he hopes everyone will enjoy his culinary concept.

Denim American Bistro Grand Opening

[Photo: Amaris Pollock]

That concept, which fuses American cuisine with European influences, is very palatable. I know I will enjoy this new culinary vision because I was a guest for the Chef’s Sampling Preview event. Executive Chef Murray’s talents in the kitchen were evident at that event, so I was excited to reunite my palate with his culinary skills during the Grand Opening. To my misfortune, I was not able to stay for the dinner service, however I was able to taste some of the hors d’oeuvres he created.

The hummus was delicious, laden with garlic (which I’m Italian and so garlic is a favorite of mine) and a hint of parsley. His version of a spreadable dip tasted like a creamy pesto cheese, with its texture similar to whipped cream cheese. And his attention to detail was evident as I learned he is very particular with what he decides to use, for example he is specific when choosing which Feta cheese to serve.

Brussels Sprouts at Denim American Bistro

Brussels Sprouts at Denim American Bistro [Photo: Amaris Pollock]

Since I was not able to stay for the service and I’m familiar with some of his menu, I requested to indulge in his Crispy Brussel Sprouts. Why choose this dish? I chose it because it has so much flavor and a variety of textures. It has sweetness from the sultanas which is balanced by the savory bacon in it, and marrying all the flavors together is a cider-grain mustard sauce. Then the savory-sweet combination further tantalizes your senses with manchego cheese shavings melting onto the brussel sprouts.  I hope your mouth is watering, because mine is too.

His food offerings are not the only impressive thing to take in; what he conventionalized for Denim’s décor is visually appealing too. David Murray changed the interior décor to display artwork befitting the new name: art work created using Denim. The beauty of which lends itself to a modern design and feels a little like you just walked into your childhood home for a large family get-together. It feels upbeat, clean, and cozy all at once.

If you would like the honor of dining at Denim American Bistro in Cherry Hill, NJ you can visit their website, or call (856) 520-8114 to make reservations! Denim is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and offer a Sunday brunch buffet from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Just know that this BYOB restaurant will leave you stuffed but wanting to come back for more!

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