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Steve’s Prince of Steaks Now Open in University City

Kevin Wilson attended on behalf of Philly Grub

Steve's Prince of Steaks Grand Opening University City

Steve’s Prince of Steaks in University City is now open! [Photo: Steve’s Prince of Steaks]

I remember going to Steve’s Prince of Steaks at 7200 Bustleton Avenue back in the 1990s late at night after singing karaoke. The place would always smell great and the cheesesteak were always delicious. I treasured the memories, smell and taste of those particular cheesesteaks for many years, until I heard that Steves Prince Of Steaks was opening a location in Center City. I was so excited about the news that I would cross each day off on my calendar in anxious anticipation. I was there the day that Steve’s Prince of Steaks opened in Center City and patiently waited in line until it was my turn. Once I was handed my cheesesteak, I ran to my table in order to unwrap it, took my first bite and all of the memories and smells from the 1990s went racing through my mind.

I was so excited to have a Steve’s Prince of Steaks in my everyday vicinity. I have frequented the Steve’s Prince of Steaks in Center City since they opened and was even more excited to receive an invite to a Grand Opening Celebration of the new Steve’s Prince of Steaks location at 3836 Chestnut Street.

Situated in the heart of University City at Hamilton Court by Post Brothers, it will be the city’s newest food court and a major destination with up to ten additional eateries and retailers including a new outpost for I*CE NY Philly and The Creamery Cafe.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the preview event was that everybody who is anybody on the Philly food scene was there, from food bloggers and influencers to local news reporters. As these previews go, the food was plentiful and obviously there were lots of cheesesteaks to sample. But this Steve’s Prince of Steaks is a bit different from the others. They’ve also added unbelievably delicious pizza which will be a regular item on the menu. I absolutely loved this pizza! And yes, you can get a cheesesteak pizza. Moreover, they will also be offering their signature “Sweet Heat” wings. So not only can you go to Steve’s for delicious cheesesteaks but pizza and wings. What more could you ask for?

I predict this Steve’s location is going to be a huge success due to its proximity to Drexel and Penn. Hoards of millenials will love eating cheesesteaks, pizza, and wings at the end of a night of partying… er studying!

I also love the fact that there is plenty of seating in the back so you can order delicious food and sit down and relax to enjoy it. You can easily get there by bus or it’s simply a 3 block short walk from the Market Frankford El.

I plan on being a frequent customer, eating their delicious cheesesteaks, pizza, and wings and I strongly suggest that you do too.

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  1. I knew Steve & Ellen way back before they opened the Steve’s Prince steaks on Bustleton. Me and my bestie Ellen Harris helped sweep and clean the very 1st one. Sadly I moved to Tampa at 27. Lived there for 36yrs. Been back 3x’s to visit and Steve’s is my first stop. I’ll be making my back to for good next October. I’LL SEE YOU THERE 💗

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