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Jazz It Up at Deco on the Delaware at the Glen Foerd Estate

Deco on the Delaware

By Amaris Pollock, special correspondent to Philly Grub

Recently I attended a preview party for Deco on the Delaware, which will take place on Saturday, August 4th, held on the estate grounds of the Glen Foerd riverfront mansion. I was enamored with it as soon as my eyes gazed upon the estate grounds. I had no idea that such a beautiful and well kept historical gem was located in Philadelphia. What is even more amazing is that the estate is host to the annual event which brings an era-gone-by into our current reality; all while raising awareness and funds to support the estate grounds, their environmental programs, and the arts.

Once a year the Glen Foerd estate hosts Deco on the Delaware which is an all day event where those in attendance can dress up (optional) in 1920’s outfits while enjoying a picnic on the grounds. You can choose to either bring your own food and drinks, purchase a picnic that comes with food and drink options, or go all out and opt for their cruise and picnic option.  While you’re there, feel free to wander their grounds and learn how to create the perfect pincurl, do your makeup to look like a flapper out on the town, and learn to dance in that era’s style at the demonstrations being held during the event.

Or you can take a tour inside the mansion and learn about its history while enjoying the artwork adorning most of the rooms. For example, there is a large art piece that was the center of everyone’s curiosity–you will have to visit to see it for yourself, I don’t want to spoil any of the more interesting artistry that the mansion offers. Or learn about the lady of the house who’s room oversees the grounds and the Delaware river. As you finish your tour, why not wander to the basement to cool off and see where the male patriarchs would gather to play cards, drink, and smoke; also, you can learn a little more of the mansion’s history if you inquire about the trophies above the fireplace.

For those of you who want to risk having a drink (after all, drinking was illegal back then) the estate is offering specialty cocktails made with Philadelphia-local Blue Coat Gin. I was able to try out one of the drinks, which was similar to one of the specialty cocktails, and they were the bee’s knees! I adore Blue Coat Gin, so I was so happy to know that the abolitionists didn’t stop them from bringing their delicious libations to the event!

And if you feel like you need to have something sweet to eat while having some of the cocktails, there will also be a pie contest where you can try out the different creations. Meanwhile, throughout the day there will be live music being played by the bands, Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra, Drew Nugent and The Midnight Society, Queen Ester and her Quartet, and Evan Cory Levine (river cruise only). Along with the wonderful musical stylings of those bands, there will be dance performances by The Fishtown Footers.

So if you feel like taking a step back in time and enjoying what it must have been like on-set for The Great Gatsby movie, then visit for tickets and more information.  If you cannot attend the event, it is well worth visiting the website to see all of the other entertaining and fun events that are held throughout the summer at the Glen Foerd estate!

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